Chapter 316 – Do You Like Him? (3)

    Chapter 316 - Do You Like Him? (3)

    Ning Xuemo felt as if she went through a psychedelic dream and was still dazzled after awakening. Yet, she couldn't remember what she dreamt about...

    She shook her head and stood up. "I'm fine. Is the painting complete?"

    Ji Yunhuang looked at the painting on the table; the bold, vigorous mountains and rivers covered in drizzling rain were defined by an efficient and unscrupulous brush style. Exuding of an ethereal charm, this painting was a rarely seen masterpiece.

    However, he always felt that the painting seemed to lack something; but, he couldn't tell what was lacking.

    Ning Xuemo also saw the painting. The sight distracted her. She was under the impression that the painting in front of her eyes was unlike the one she just saw earlier...

    She observed the ink strokes on the painting again. They seemed new and had yet to dry. It was clearly just painted recently.

    She shook her head. She must be very tired from being busy the past two days. Her brain must be muddled, and she was just mistaken about what she saw.

    "Considering that you helped benzuo grind ink, I'll forgive you two this time." Han Shanyue spoke. Then he slowly rolled up the painting into a scroll and handed it over to Ning Xuemo. "Since every painting is a gift preordained by fate, I will be giving this painting to you."

    'Ah?' Gifted to her?! A painting by a great master worth an astronomical price and one that was extremely hard to come by!

    Ning Xuemo's eyes brightened, and she immediately expressed her thanks.

    Ji Yunhuang also let out a sigh and bowed, "Many thanks Great Master." He stretched his hand to pull Ning Xuemo along. "Shall we go?"

    This time, Ning Xuemo raised her hand to block and evade his hand.

    Sadness flitted through Ji Yunhuang's eyes. All of a sudden, Han Shanyue faintly spoke, "Today, benzuo happens to be in a good mood. I'll divine both of your fortunes."

    Ji Yunhuang's eyes cleared. "Please speak Great Master. Later when I..."

    "As clouds meet winds, a dragon shall emerge; sever the entanglement of passion."

    Ji Yunhuang understood the first sentence, which foretold that he would become an emperor in the future. However, to become an emperor, he had to get rid of his love? His love was going to hinder him from becoming an emperor?

    'That can't be!'

    His sight fell on Ning Xuemo. She could become his obstacle to becoming an emperor?

    'Impossible! Ning Xuemo has no power, no influence, and no connection with the other princes. How can she be an obstacle to me?'

    Ning Xuemo was somewhat scared of him glancing left and right at her, so she silently retreated a step.

    At first, she had a vague good impression of this crown prince, but now... She was absolutely certain that this small good opinion of him would never turn into love!

    She smiled at him. "Congratulations your Highness! Your efforts would someday come to fruition." She then turned her gaze to Han Shanyue. "Great Master, what kind of fortune did you divine for me?"

    Han Shanyue's voice was unhurried as he enunciated each word clearly, "Heaven destroyer, calamitous star; your fate is that of a lone millennium phoenix."

    Ning Xuemo was speechless, "..."

    'Fuck you!' Was he cursing her to be a thousand-year-old spinster?!

    Although Ning Xuemo didn't understand much about those cryptic words about fate and fortune-telling jargon, she still understood the general meaning behind most of the words.

    To say it simply, her fate suppressed all the fortune of those close to her. Whoever came close to her would meet with bad luck; they could even possibly be led to death by her!

    Her parents, her brothers, her sisters, husband, children, etc... No one could escape from having their fortune and fate suppressed by her! No matter how many times she married, she would still end up walking on a solitary path... Alone like the autumn wind, departing with no one...

    Ning Xuemo imagined herself being old, walking alone on a desolate mountain path with the aid of a cane as the sun gradually vanished in the horizon...

    These prospects were just so beautiful that she couldn't even imagine it!

    This is ridiculous! Not only was this body crippled from birth, it was also the bane of others' existence?!

    So, all the misfortunes befalling her was due to this body's disposition?!

    It goes without saying that Ning Xuemo didn't want to believe it.

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