Chapter 317 – Do You Like Him? (4)

    Chapter 317 - Do You Like Him? (4)

    It goes without saying that Ning Xuemo didn't want to believe it. However, she remembered the demise of the former Ning Xuemo's parents and the early death of her older brother. She heard that when she was born, her older brother died on the battlefield during the same year.

    Spot on! She totally fit the meaning of those unlucky words of being the "bane of others' existence"!

    Anyway, the former Ning Xuemo was already dead. So, shouldn't her fate change as a result?

    Maybe her transmigration had already altered the former's fate. At least, the people currently close to her were still alive and well...

    Of course, Ji Yunhuang also heard Ning Xuemo's life fortune from Han Shanyue. His complexion slightly changed.

    The words of Great Master Han Shanyue were similar to the words left by the Ancestor to his imperial father.

    Ji Yunhuang remembered that before the Ancestor left, Le Xuan Emperor was prompted by a sudden impulse to invite the Ancestor to foretell Ning Xuemo's fate in life. In the end, the Ancestor only left seven words, "A lone millennium phoenix roaming under heaven."

    After the Ancestor openly spoke, he strutted away.

    However, it sent Le Xuan Emperor in a state of daze for no less than half a day. Subsequently, Le Xuan Emperor sent an order to revoke the decree of bestowing Ning Xuemo the title of imperial concubine.

    Afterwards, Le Xuan Emperor sternly admonished Ji Yunhuang and warned him not to have any thoughts toward Ning Xuemo.

    In fact, he was skeptical about that divination and didn't particularly take to heart his imperial father's warning. Thus, right after being admonished, he continued to search all over the place for Ning Xuemo, while she was still in Heavenly Book Mountains.

    After he knew that Ning Xuemo tamed a young qilin, he felt that she was quite unique.

    A qilin was not only a divine beast, but also an auspicious animal. Legend said that wherever that beast appeared, the land would prosper and be peaceful...

    He thought he could use the fact that Ning Xuemo had tamed a young qilin to make his imperial father change his mind and agree to let him take Ning Xuemo as his princess. However, he never thought that this iron-mouthed[1] Han Shanyue would knock him on the head with those words!

    "Your Highness! Your Highness! Not good your Highness! Princess had an accident..." All of a sudden from downstairs, the flustered voice of a young woman resounded.

    Ji Yunhuang's expression slightly changed. He heard the shout of the young woman, who was Ji Yunyao's personal maid. He couldn't stop himself from glancing at Ning Xuemo. "Xuemo..."

    Ning Xuemo waved her hand. "Your Highness should hurry. There's no need for you to take care of me."

    Ji Yunhuang paused. He still wanted to say something, but the maid downstairs urged him with the following words, "Your Highness, I beseech you to go see princess quickly. She... Princess really had an accident..."

    Ji Yunhuang deeply sighed, "Xuemo, I'll go first. I'll come look for you later." His figure flashed, and he went down the stairs.

    Ning Xuemo was stumped as she watched Ji Yunhuang's back. Although right now she didn't have any feelings for him, seeing that he readily threw her on the side in a place with a pack of wolves eyeing her, she felt a bit disappointed.

    "Do you like him?" Han Shanyue's voice was neither strong nor light; it was difficult to determine his mood from his tone.

    "...like." Ning Xuemo replied smoothly.

    Han Shanyue appeared as if he was choked by her bluntness. Then, he indifferently said, "You have no future together."

    Ning Xuemo smiled. She suddenly crouched and grabbed the little qilin that was on the chair. Smooch! She kissed the little qilin on its nose. "I also like this little one."

    The little qilin became emotional to the point that it almost turned back to its original form. Its blue eyes were glistening and limpid. "Master..." Its blue fur almost turned into a pink shade.

    'Heh! Master kissed me. Master smells good!'

    The little qilin narrowed its eyes from happiness. It raised its head and accidentally met with Han Shanyue's eyes.

    A burst of cold shivers seized it. It retracted its neck, lowered its tail, and recoiled back in the chair.

    Han Shanyue lightly said, "So your like is that kind of like. Do you kiss anyone you like?"

    Ning Xuemo smiled. "I prefer to kiss the cuter ones, just like this one..."

    [1] iron-mouthed equals 100% accurate on what he said
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