Chapter 318 – Do You Like Him? (5)

    Chapter 318 - Do You Like Him? (5)

    She picked up the little qilin and kissed its eyes.

    The little one was very cute. She kissed it again, but this time it covered its face with its two little paws.

    Han Shanyue stared silently for a moment, "..."

    Then, he spoke again, "Your fate is that of a Heaven destroyer calamitous star. You must avoid getting too close with other people. Otherwise, it will harm them..."

    Ning Xuemo lowered her eyes as she just recalled the fate of Number Two...

    It sounded like Han Shanyue's words didn't contain falsehoods. Everyone who had been either close or kind to her had indeed been met with misfortunes...

    The little qilin couldn't stand it anymore as it stated, "Master, you still have me. I am not a person and our fates are linked together. As long as Master is well, I can be well too." It then dearly patted Ning Xuemo's palm.

    Ning Xuemo was moved and stroked the little qilin's head in response.

    'The little qilin is quite loyal!'

    "It won't matter even if the person isn't human!" Han Shanyue continued to add hail to snow, "No matter who you like, you can't be too intimate with them or you will worsen their fortune."

    'Fuck you!' He kept saying things like she was the ultimate bearer of ill luck!

    She may have been filled with constant bad luck recently, but her life from before had been smooth sailing until now. Back when she was in the modern era, none of her close friends were suppressed to death by her!  So, how could he say such an exaggeration?!

    Did this Han Shuyue have any enmity with her?! Saying all those unlucky words in front of all these people...

    She shot a glance at the two assistants standing on the sides. It was clear in her mind. It won't take long for her name to spread far and wide as a the ultimate bearer of ill luck, just like her reputation as a psychokinesis cripple.

    In the future, no one would dare to get close to her...

    She turned her eyes and her body swayed as if she had suffered a hit, but then she sprang at Han Shanyue without warning, latched onto his neck and ferociously gave him a kiss!

    If getting close to her meant that the person's luck would worsen, then she will get very, extremely, super close to him... and pass on all of her bad luck to him!

    Han Shanyue's body turned rigid. Because they stood very close to each other, coupled with Ning Xuemo's lightning fast movements and Han Shanyue's unguarded state, Ning Xuemo had successfully mounted a sneak attack against him against all odds.

    The other two servants were dumbstruck from the scene. Their mouths were opened wide to the point a duck egg could fit in.

    The mysterious, noble and detached-from-the-secular-world Art Sage was being kissed by a girl?! If this was known by other people, it would become the absolutely hottest gossip!

    The little qilin's eyes widened into a perfect circle.

    'Ma-master is very valiant!'

    Han Shanyue's face was glossy and smooth like jade. By the time Ning Xuemo came close to him, she could smell an extremely light and peculiar fragrant scent.

    At first, she was thinking about taking revenge on him and only intended to give him a quick peck and then rapidly escape. However, her mind became stunned when she smelled that hidden light fragrance and couldn't leave promptly as she had planned.

    "How dare you!" Han Shanyue's face darkened as he spat out the words.

    She didn't see how he striked a pose, but she realized that he had already sent her flying out with a wave of his sleeve!

    CRASH! Ning Xuemo's body crashed into the window and flew out from the second floor onto the main street.

    There were many pedestrians on the main street. They were all scared witless by the sudden sight of someone flying out of a window. As Ning Xuemo fell to the ground, she was about to squash the face of a passing youngster!

    Fortunately, Ning Xuemo's reflexes were quick and she immediately adjusted her body in midair and landed lightly next to the youngster instead.

    'Fuck that bastard! He really attacked!' He even went as far as throwing her out of the window and even used a lot of strength! It caused her to be sent through the window despite herself. The sandalwood window was destroyed into pieces from the collision.

    Her shoulders were painfully hurt, causing her face to turn pale in return.

    She lifted her head to look at the big hole that was once a window. She began to scheme on how she would take revenge on the person upstairs.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Chapter 318 is hilarious. Although, we only got the details of JZ's reaction in chapter 321. Man... his reactions make me facepalm myself. JZ is just plain anti-social and introvert. No wonder there is so much misunderstandings later on.

    When I was translating c.318, I stumbled upon a line that made me laugh.

    "!(Fang Si)" ,。[Translated as : "How dare you!" Han Shanyue's face darkened as he spat out the words.]

    I found it funny because I recently watched a video about the meaning of Fang Si and now, I'm stuck associating Han Shanyue's voice with Ye Hua's voice : click here for the youtube video.
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