Chapter 319 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (1)

    Chapter 319 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (1)

    "Master!" The little qilin shouted loudly and jumped down from the hole.

    Ning Xuemo stretched out her hands and caught it. The action set off the pain from her injuries. Her little face paled as a result.

    "Master, what's wrong?" The little qilin stretched out his two little paws and touched Ning Xuemo's injured arm. "Ah! You're bleeding..."

    "It's nothing. It's just a superficial wound." Ning Xuemo patted down the little qilin's paws, stopping it from accidentally scratching her wound.

    "Little lady, you're really bleeding. It would be better if I send you to the doctor, alright?" A rather flippant and insincere voice pierced through the crowd.

    Ning Xuemo turned her head to see who was the owner of the voice. It was the youngster that she had almost stepped on when she fell down.

    The young man wore a flashy purple embroidered chinese gown. In his hand, he was waving a fan. He had the look of a dandy, and was staring at Ning Xuemo with a pair of peach blossom eyes. He was somewhat stunning.

    This girl's appearance was delicate and dainty, despite cutting a sorry figure from the fall. The dishevelled look couldn't hide her bright and sweet appearance. With the blood dripping from her arm, she gave out the vibe of a sickly beauty.

    Truly like a fallen fairy!

    The young man fanned himself while he stared at Ning Xuemo with lust filled eyes.

    Ning Xuemo had a belly full of fire that she couldn't vent out. With a single glance, she knew that young man was taking liberties with her using his stare.

    Those eyes were especially riveted to her chest in attention. It was as if they were about to pop out of their sockets to unravel and undress her, until she was bared and the scene of her nakedness could be carefully admired under their gazes.

    Unexpectedly, she had come across a random perverted young thug in the middle of the street, just like in those cliched scenes in drama...

    'Makes me want to beat people!'

    Ning Xuemo flattened her little mouth, "My injury... Never mind. I can't inconvenience young master." Her voice sounded sweet and lovely like an oriole.

    She turned around as if she wanted to leave. The young man unfolded the fan which open with a Pah! and went to block her way, "Young lady, please come with me. I'll help you take care of the injury."

    "That's right! That's right! Please come with our young master. He can give you proper treatment for the wound."

    "That's correct! Our young master's heart is always benevolent. He is always tender to the fairer gender. Earlier, you nearly smashed into our young master, but he's not even complaining about it..."

    "You should know how to appreciate favors. Be obedient and go with our young master."

    In the blink of an eye, Ning Xuemo was surrounded by four-five flunkies. Intentionally or not, she was right in the middle of the encirclement.

    It was very clear that these people were the young man's servants and henchmen, and they were completely accustomed to their young master's tyranny.

    The little qilin got angry. It wanted to scratch all those people. Ning Xuemo put her hand on its head to appease it. She innocently blinked, "Young master is really bringing me to a doctor to get treated?"

    Her eyes were glistening and her fluttering eyes caused the young man to feel as if his bone had become jelly. "It is true. Young lady, there is no need to worry, follow me. Come here, come here. I know the best doctor. He can certainly make you a good dressing and take care of your wound." He extended his wolfy hand in order to grab Ning Xuemo's little hand.

    Ning Xuemo had yet to react when the little qilin finally couldn't endure it anymore and fiercely scratched the man!

    Its attack was fast as lightning. The young master couldn't evade in time and three deep gashes were inflicted on the back of his hand.

    The young master wailed loudly and jumped back. He shook his hand with all his might. "My hand! My hand!"

    The little qilin was absolutely in high spirits from giving him a scratch attack. Blood freely flowed out from the deep wound and in a flash, the young master's wolfy hand had become a bloody hand.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    It's pretty hard to pick out a novel as a translation project. There's too many good novels out there that is waiting to be discovered. However, there is just 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Time is relatively short when you invest yourself into something. It flies as I must say.

    I just realized that it will be almost a year since I practically randomly pick up PTW to translate. I just want to translate something easy and interesting as a change of pace from Record of Washed Grievances and Magic Chef of Ice and Fire. And now, here we are at chapter 319....
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