Chapter 320 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (2)

    Chapter 320 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (2)

    "How bold! You dare to harm our Young Master!"

    "You must be tired of living! Our young master is the only beloved son of the duke."

    "Kill the cat!"

    All the servants aggressively surrounded Ning Xuemo and wanted to grab the little qilin in her arm.

    Ning Xuemo frowned. She picked up the little qilin by its nape and asked, "Little Apple, who allowed you to scratch people? Look at this, aren't your claws all dirty now?" Furthermore, she took out a thin silk handkerchief from thin air and used it to wipe Little Apple's claws before throwing it away.

    All the servants were speechless, "..."

    Even the young master's face turned green!

    "Bold slut! You dare to let that cat injure people. Servants! Seize her!" The young master was utterly discomfited as he gave out his order.

    All the servants answered in union, "Yes Young Master!" They stretched their hands out to grab Ning Xuemo.

    Killing intent flashed through Ning Xuemo's eyes. She was about to make a move, but something shot out from the shadows near them. The figure of a person warped and shifted through all the servants. Every time the figure flashed past a servant, they only saw stars blooming in front of their eyes before they fell to the ground, unconscious. Their shouts died within their throats without a chance to be heard.

    After the dust settled, the servants encircling her were all sprawled out on the ground. The only four people left standing were attired in palace guard uniforms. They bowed to Ning Xuemo. "Young lady must have been startled."

    Ning Xuemo sized them up. "Who are you?"

    "Reporting to young lady, we are his highness the crown prince's subordinates. We were ordered to protect Miss Ning." Another guard replied.

    So, Ji Yunhuang hadn't thrown her aside like she had thought. He had sent a group of four guards to protect her.

    She recognized the imperial guard who just spoke to her. He was indeed the Crown Prince's guard as she recalled seeing him in the Crown Prince's residence during her short stay there..

    She nodded, then she gave a faint glance towards the shivering Fan-holding Brother who was still standing there. "Young Master, do you still want to capture me?"

    The Fan-holding Brother was almost scared to the point that he was about to piss his pants, despite the fact that he was unharmed!

    He didn't think that the young lady without even a maid accompanying her would be someone his Highness the Crown Prince wanted to protect. If he had known, he wouldn't have dared to defy the Crown Prince, even if he had eight times the guts.

    Seeing the Crown Prince's four personal guards, he was so scared that he didn't dare to let out even half a fart.

    He hurriedly pasted an apologetical smile on his face. "I-I-it's only a misunderstanding, merely a misunderstand. The servants were not thoughtful and scared the young lady. I hope you will let me redeem this mistake..."

    "Then, you don't want to beat my cat to death?" Ning Xuemo frowned.

    "Of-of course not! Your cat is very clever. Hehehe! It's very clever, a very good cat..." While the fan-holding young man was smiling and apologizing, he made a signal to all the servants that were just crawling up. The whole group fled in dejection.

    "Is miss returning to the residence or going to the doctor to be examined?" The leader of the four guards asked.

    "Let's return to the mansion." Ning Xuemo enthusiastically waved her hand. The small injury on her shoulder could be easily handled. She swept a glance at the second floor. Through the big hole in the wall, she still couldn't see much inside as the light was too dim. It seemed like that person had already left.

    'Forget it.' She was on bad terms with the man and currently, her strength was not on par with him.

    She held the little qilin in cat form and turned around to leave.

    She had to admit that the weirdest thing was the familiarity of the man's smell. He seemed to smell like an old friend.

    However, she was unable to recall who it was...

    What was more, she kept feeling like she had forgotten something important, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was she was missing.


    On the second floor.

    The two little assistants were trembling in a corner as Great Master Han Shanyue stood expressionlessly in front of the table.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Sometimes, I just hate Chinese vocabulary. There are so many expressions and terms that sound cool and deep in meaning in the original, but when you translate it, it just sounds corny or cheesy, and you have to wrack your brain to find another word that would be equally cool without deviating from the meaning.
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