Chapter 321 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (3)

    Chapter 321 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (3)

    The scroll painting that he had painted was still on the table. Ning Xuemo didn't have the time to take it away before he had flung her out of the window.

    'That girl's demeanor was very frivolous.'

    She had no idea who he was and shouldn't have recognized him. This situation was suppose to be their first encounter so to speak. But she went as far as to suddenly kiss him, a "stranger", on their first meeting! Did she like getting close with men?!

    She was clearly a genius but acted completely unrestrained. In the end, how many people had she kissed?

    He didn't approach the window, but he could see everything happening outside.

    The two assistants felt that the overall temperature inside the room had drastically dropped. They furtively glanced at Great Master Han Shanyue's expression. However, the light seemed to have a problem lighting the man's face. They still couldn't see his appearance clearly and could only get the feeling that the Great Master was in a bad mood.

    One of them courageously spoke up a few words, "Great Master, you don't need to care about that vulgar girl. This painting, she's not worthy to have it..."

    "Are you worthy then?" Han Shanyue's light voice came down like a hammer, smashing the trembling young boy into silence.

    Han Shanyue waved his sleeve and the exceptionally beautiful painting combusted, and in a moment only ashes were left.

    The two young boys opened their mouths, but they didn't dare to speak any words. They helplessly looked on as the painting combusted and quickly turned into ashes.

    The people in the teahouse lounge had naturally heard all the commotion on the second floor. Everyone was bewildered. The old shopkeeper, with his great courage, respectfully went to the second floor and tried to ask but he didn't receive even half a reply.

    After a short moment, the shopkeeper finally decided to carefully take a peek at the second floor. However, he didn't see the presence of the Art Sage. He only saw the two young boys still staring blankly at the table.

    After prompting them several times, the two assistants finally recovered their spirits but their eyes still looked vacant. They had unexpectedly forgotten more than half of everything that had happened earlier. The shopkeeper questioned them for a long time, but he couldn't get anything out of them.

    They couldn't recall when the Art Sage had taken his leave, but all of a sudden, one of them vaguely remembered something. He loudly shouted, "I remember! The Art Sage said that the girl was a Heaven destroyer, calamitous star, and a lone millennium old phoenix!"

    A stone created thousands of ripples. All the people who had gone upstairs to see the commotion stared blankly. People in this world understood the meaning of "Heaven destroyer, calamitous star."


    That orphan from the Jingyuan Mansion was "a bane of other's existence", an unprecedented bearer of ill luck.

    No wonder Marquis Jingyuan and his Madam had an early demise. Not to mention, their only son died on the battlefield. Their fates were suppressed to death by that girl. Lets not forget about the Sixth Prince who had already annulled his engagement with her. He was still hit by bad luck, and was flogged and demoted to a commoner. The Crown Prince had only come into contact with her for a little bit but had fallen head over heels for her, and as a result, was strictly reprimanded by the Emperor.

    In not even a single night's time, the rumor about Ning Xuemo being a bearer of ill luck was spread all over the capital at the speed of light.

    In less than a few days, Ning Xuemo's life had completely undergone a big change.

    First, servants and guards came to resign one after another. No matter how Old Zhong said he would raise their wages, they resolutely didn't change their decisions.

    Money was indeed something good, but wasn't their life more important?

    Anyone serving someone who was the bane of others' existence could quite possibly lose their lives!

    In less than five days, the originally bustling and lively Marquis Jingyuan's mansion was left with only Old Zhong as a servant. Old Zhong was in pain over the whole situation.

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