Chapter 322 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (4)

    Chapter 322 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (4)

    Old Zhong was in pain in front of this situation. The past few days, his young mistress had painstakingly put so much effort to rebuild and was able to put back Jingyuan Mansion on the right track with great difficulty. Who could have expected that because of a prophecy made by the Art Sage, it caused the mansion to revert back to its previously state! A desolate and abandoned place!

    These past several days, he went outside and thought about hiring people with high salary. However, Ning Xuemo's bad reputation combined with her being the infamous trash were too resounding. People who were searching for work all shook their heads like a rattle, when they heard that Jingyuan Mansion was recruiting servants. No matter what was said, they wouldn't agree.

    Old Zhong tired himself out from constantly running outside for 6-7 days but to no avail. Not a single person answered to his recruitment.

    Then one day, he returned home dejected and depressed but couldn't find Ning Xuemo anywhere. Then, he finally found her in the side room where the Chastity Testing Beast was.

    Unlike Old Zhong's dejected expression filled with worry, Ning Xuemo was calmer. Her mood couldn't be guessed from her expression as she appeared to be quite free and unfettered by the situation. Like usual, she was refining medicine, training and strolling leisurely in her garden.

    Old Zhong had the impression that his young mistress was surely very bitter inside but maintained her appearance out of pride and didn't want to let others see her as a joke.

    His young mistress' attitude was truly good. For example, right now, she was conversing with that ferocious while drinking alcohol, displaying a satisfied expression.

    "Young Mistress." Old Zhong walked in.

    "Uncle Zhong, you have returned. Come here. Come and drink two cups. I see you've been running around until you worked up a sweat." Ning Xuemo gave him a praying mat and then handed him a cup of alcohol.

    Old Zhong felt ashamed. "Young mistress, this old servant is worthless. I... I couldn't find anyone."

    Ning Xuemo smiled and interrupted him. "Let it be if you can't hire anyone. This matter shouldn't be hurried. Let's talk about it again when the time comes. First, come and eat."

    The past few days, the cooks had all ran away. Ning Xuemo had to go to a restaurant outside to buy food. It was still delicious even when compared to the food made by her former cooks.

    Currently, even though Marquis Jingyuan's mansion appeared to be deserted and desolate from outside, it wasn't too different for Ning Xuemo. She still hadn't spent all her money, so she would unlikely suffer like the former Ning Xuemo.

    Old Zhong saw that Ning Xuemo was beaming with smiles with her fair little face turning rosy. Her appearance didn't show any anxiousness, thus he probed her with a question, "Young mistress, in the future... In the future, how are we going to do if we can't hire enough servants?"

    Ning Xuemo kept smiling and extended her hand to pat his shoulder. "If we can't hire enough people, then that's it. Weren't we just like this before?"

    That's true! Marquis Jingyuan's mansion was cold and desolate for several years. As long as he continued to be diligent, this house can still be managed. It was all that Han Shanyue's fault saying that his young mistress was a bane to others' existence! His careless words had caused his young mistress to fall from heaven to hell.

    Right now, it was only not being able to hire servants. Later, how could his young mistress find a husband? With such a reputation, who would dare to ask her in marriage?!

    In the event that his young mistress couldn't marry, how could he even have the face to see the Marquis and the Madam after he died?!

    Old Zhong was very worried. The worry caused his face to wrinkle more just like a walnut.

    "Uncle Zhong, your age is great. If you want to leave, I can give you mone-" Ning Xuemo started to speak.

    "No! This Old Zhong swears to follow you until death!" Old Zhong immediately cut her off. His face became red from emotion. "Mistress. You think this old man is that kind of person..."

    "Since you want to follow me, then just be happy!" Ning Xuemo handed over a cup of alcohol and continued, "There are no uncrossable obstacles in this world, nor it is the end of the world. What do you have to worry so much for? Come and drink a cup of wine."

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