Chapter 323 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (5)

    Chapter 323 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (5)

    Old Zhong paused for a second, embarrassingly accepting the cup of wine and tipped his head back to drink it. "True, there's no pit that can't be crossed over!"

    Ning Xuemo leisurely smiled, "Exactly."

    Old Zhong downed three cups of wine successively, then added on a sentence, "There will definitely be a hero who sees Miss for who she is and will marry Miss!"

    "Pfttt!" Ning Xuemo sprayed out a mouthful of wine.

    As it turned out, Old Zhong's expression of worrying was for this. He was worried about her marriage...

    "Uncle Zhong, I'm only thirteen; why be so hurried about marriage? I think that my lifestyle right now is pretty good." Ning Xuemo crossed her legs, her appearance lazy and relaxed.

    "Of course, Miss is not old yet. However, in the Vast Sky Empire, if a girl still can't get married by the age of fifteen, they will get criticized..." Old Zhong still worried.

    "There's still two years left. Take it slow." Ning Xuemo did not care about it at all and drank another cup of wine. "Come. This restaurant's Crystal Prawn is pretty good; you should try it." She successfully blocked off Old Zhong's worrying mouth.

    Ning Xuemo sincerely felt that actually, this type of lifestyle wasn't all that bad.

    When people heard that she was known as the Heaven Destroyer and Calamitous Star, even though the chaos in the mansion had calmed down, the sects who were once envious and plotting against her were all gone.

    They were all scared that she would cause their deaths!

    They didn't even dare to covet the little qilin anymore...

    And the imperial edict of the Old Emperor to bestow the title of concubine was wordlessly revoked by him. Two days ago, he had called her into the palace asking her a few questions from afar, while displaying their relationship as one he would have with the daughter of one of his officials. Then, he let her return home and didn't even bring up the bestowment of the concubine position.

    As for Ji Yunhuang, after the maid called him away from the teahouse, he never went to find her again. It was probably because he was also scared by her title of "Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star" and didn't want to get involved with her.

    Ji Yunhao had already been exiled out of the city by the Old Emperor and without his summons, he could not enter the city. Therefore, Ning Xuemo didn't see him again. She reckoned that even if they met, it would be like meeting a stranger.

    Regarding this change in her life, all of the headache-causing matters had disappeared due to the rumor of her being labeled as "Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star." Her life had become unprecedentedly calm and leisurely.

    After traveling to this new era, she had continuously met with dangers and had nearly lost her life many times.

    It was difficult to be able to live as leisurely as she was now...

    It was also very hard for her to find so much time to cultivate and practice.

    It was only around ten days, but her inner force had improved and even her psychokinesis had started to increase substantially.

    Yesterday she had broke through Mortal Realm rank 4 and could already use her psychokinesis.

    Ning Xuemo felt really satisfied; the only thing that she wasn't satisfied with was that she seemed to be forgetting something.

    For example, she had forgotten who had taught her the method she was now using to cultivate her psychokinesis. She had even forgotten how she managed to subdue the little qilin.

    When she asked the little qilin, that brat was even more muddle-headed than her. After they stared at each other for a long time, it opened its mouth to say, "Isn't it Master who rescued me from a cave, and then I signed the agreement with you?"

    Ning Xuemo could vaguely remember that there was a cave, but what had happened in the cave, she couldn't remember. It was like there was a layer of mist covering the memory, and no matter what, she couldn't think of it.

    Thankfully, she had a look-forward type of attitude. Since she can't think of the memory, then she won't dwell on it. Anyways, the little qilin was currently by her side. This was enough.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    My god... Old Zhong... To be considered an old spinster if she can't get married before 15? I must be considered an old fossil from Ice Age.

    Wait... what happened to Ji Yunhao's poison? Anyway, see you monday.
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