Chapter 324 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (6)

    Chapter 324 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (6)

    Although there were only a few people in the mansion remaining, there wasn't a lack of chores to do.

    The day could still be passed by with a carefree attitude as people make do with bad times.

    Thus, as long as the Chastity Testing Beast had alcohol and food, he had no problem and wasn't being picky.

    He had a human soul dwelling within him after all. Therefore, he could clean his own nest and didn't need someone to clean or attend to him.

    The only thing that gave people a little headache was the sheer number of rooms within the mansion. With only Old Zhong present, even if he started sweeping and cleaning from early in the morning until late at night, he still couldn't cover every room.

    Therefore, Ning Xuemo simply assigned a few courtyards to Old Zhong, the few that would be in use. After cleaning and repairing them, they turned out pretty good.

    After eating and drinking to her fill, she got up and ordered Old Zhong to prepare a carriage. Today, she was going to Heavenly Book Mountains to forage some medicinal herbs and hunt some beasts.

    After cultivating for several days, Ning Xuemo discovered that her ability to absorb fire and wood psychokinesis from crystal cores grew stronger. She could directly absorb from crystals ranked 5 and lower without any problem.

    She was able to improve her cultivation a bit faster with this method.

    With the little qilin by her side, her hunting would be effortless as most of the ferocious beasts inside the mountains were afraid of it!

    When the little qilin heard that they were going to the Heavenly Book Mountains to hunt, it became extremely excited and full of spirit. It could finally eat meat again!

    This time, they didn't encounter any problem when entering the mountains. Ning Xuemo was saddled on the little qilin, and it only took less than eight hours for them to reach their destination - underneath the Falling Flower Peak on the 5th Peak.

    Ning Xuemo once came here with Number Two to collect the heavenly ice grass more than 10 days ago. As she immersed herself in memories of the past, the usually aloof and indifferent Ning Xuemo became sad.

    It was on this peak that she and Number Two were carried away by the falcon. Number Two met his demise on the 9th Peak, while she was able to escape the mountains after going through some perils.

    Ning Xuemo felt that her memories had been tampered with as everything pertaining to the events on the 9th Peak was extremely vague.

    The heavenly ice grass is incredibly beneficial to her body; that's why she wanted to come here once again to gather more.

    She was still wallowing in her grief, when she suddenly heard the chiming sounds of a battle transpiring along with the ferocious hissing of snakes coming from the top of the peak.

    Could it be that someone had arrived before her?

    Ning Xuemo patted the little qilin's head. "Little Apple, let's go up!"

    The little qilin climbed up the peak like it was walking on flat ground. Within three hops and two jumps, it brought Ning Xuemo to the top.

    Finally, Ning Xuemo was greeted with the sight of someone battling with three huge snakes. Her heart skipped a beat as she blurted out, "Shitou!"

    As soon as she blurted out the name, she realized she was mistaken.

    Shitou was Number Two's childhood name. He was in his twenties when he met his demise. The person in front of her was a teenager that appeared to be 15 or 16 years old at most. His face was more immature than Number Two's, and his build was thinner and frailer compared to Number Two's.

    There were already many wounds inflicted on the teenager's body, and his handsome face was turning green, clearly a sign of poisoning.

    The teenager's swordplay was good, and his psychokinesis was also pretty good. He was besieged by three pythons but could still fend them off.

    Unfortunately, he was poisoned and his actions already started to be sluggish, causing him to almost be coiled and constricted by a python several times.

    He was not in a state to fight. It was only a matter of time before the python's poison activated. At that time, not even a golden immortal from the Daluo heaven could survive!

    Ning Xuemo signalled the little qilin. It raised its head and let out a low roar. As the sound travelled, the horizon seemed to sway.

    All of the snakes and scorpions suddenly started to tremble. In an instant, they all escaped to hiding, leaving the place completely empty.

    Even the three pythons that were surrounding the teenager trembled a few times before escaping in a stampede without leaving any shadows, despite the teenager's sword slashing at them.

    Ning Xuemo patted the little qilin's head. "How strange. Did you say that they wouldn't dare to move when hearing your roar? Why can they run away? It doesn't matter if the other small fries run away, but those three pythons cannot. You go catch them. I want their snake gall..."

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Now, this is getting complicate with JZ erasing their memories partially. I can see why this novel could span up to 3122 chapters. The ship that is supposed to sail got delay by some unforeseen weather... And gosh... The author really like Heavenly Book Mountains. Am I seeing dying readers out there? XD

    Funny thing, we were a bunch of staffs with sleepy brain chatting on discord and we ended having horrendous typos all over the place. I'll be a good colleague and spare the others from sharing the same fate as Etvolare's famous Sneak Peak. I'm only showing my typos.
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