Chapter 325 – Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (7)

    Chapter 325 - Heaven Destroyer, Calamitous Star (7)

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    The qilin raised its head. "Master, they are worms not worthy of being called beasts. It's quite fortunate that I can scare them away. If you want their gallbladder, it'll be an easy task. Wait for me here..." It ran off disappearing like a puff of smoke to complete its new assignment - finding those troublesome pythons that ran away.

    The teenager staggered as he turned around and saw Ning Xuemo in her light green clothes. Then, his expression became wary when he saw the little qilin running away. He used his sword to guard in front of his chest. "You-"

    But, everything suddenly blackened in front of his eyes. His body became limp as he fell to the ground with a plop. The snake venom that he persistently tried to suppress finally broke out of his control!

    However, he still didn't lose consciousness. He struggled several times to get up and seemed to be on the verge of successfully sitting up, but a wave of dizziness hit him, while a numbing pain originating from his wounds coursed through his body. So, when he was halfway sitting up, his body fell back to the ground.

    From the corner of his eyes, he saw a green skirt approaching him.

    "You... what do you want to do?" His face revealed an expression full of vigilance.

    All those who can reach the 5th Peak usually were just not benevolent people. The girl in front of him looked to be barely 13 years old and was mounted on a qilin. Could she be a mountain sprite or a demon tree?

    Ning Xuemo was looking at him with crossed arms. His complexion had already turned as green as the grass beneath him. Her lips hooked into a smile. "Are you scared that I will eat you?"

    She spoke before squatting down, and a tearing sound could suddenly be heard coming from his pants.

    The teenager was greatly startled. He used all his strength to thrust his sword toward Ning Xuemo. "Don't touch me!"

    He was heavily poisoned, but contrary to expectation, his sword thrust still contained power. Ning Xuemo extended her hand to grip his wrist and snapped it, causing his sword to directly drop to the ground. Her charming face tensed up. "Stop using psychokinesis. Be careful or the snake poison will invade your heart!"

    Her tense face displayed a firm look which shocked the teenager. She wanted to hit him with her palm again, but she stopped herself.

    "You... Who are you in the end?"

    "I don't wish for you to become a corpse." Ning Xuemo coldly replied. Her movements were exceptionally fast, and in the blink of an eye, she tore off his pants, revealing all the wounds underneath. Afterwards, she began treating his wounds, squeezing out the poisonous blood and applying medicine to counter the snake venom.

    The teenager's face had turned completely red.

    His body was riddled with wounds found along his arms, legs, back and torso. His thighs alone was covered with numerous wounds.

    If the one treating him was a man, he wouldn't feel anything. Unfortunately, the other party was a young girl... He could feel her soft and tender little hands every time it squeezed out the poison from his wounds. That kind of sensation caused a strange and inexplicable feeling to swell inside his heart.

    "Y-you...This kind of thing..." He was on the verge of blurting out something, but Ning Xuemo's palm struck the back of his neck. "Shut up!"

    Whenever she gave treatment, what she dreaded the most was the idle chatting with the patient.

    Finally, the teenager became quiet as she knocked him out.

    Ning Xuemo glanced at him, and a flash of surprise passed through her eyes. If a normal cultivator was poisoned by this kind of venom, they would have already become delirious much earlier and would have already foamed from the mouth.

    Surprisingly, that teenager could endure everything up until now without losing his consciousness. He could be regarded as a prodigy.

    She attentively observed his face which was at least 80% similar to Number Two's. She wondered what kind of relationship he had with Number Two? Was he Number Two's little brother?

    Her treatment skills were especially efficient. After an hour, all of the teenager's wounds were swiftly handled and neatly wrapped up with wound dressing.

    This time, she came to the mountain prepared. She had pretty much everything from bandages, snake venom antidotes, to medicine for bruises, etc.

    Originally, she prepared all of this for her personal use, but she never expected that she would use most of what she had prepared on that teenager.

    "Master! I have the snakes' gallbladders!" The little qilin returned like a tornado with three snake gallbladders in tow.

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