Chapter 326 – I Am Willing!

    Chapter 326 - I Am Willing!

    Ning Xuemo looked at the three snake galls as large as goose eggs. The corner of her mouth stretched as she remembered the three pythons from earlier. The teenager was bitten by them; therefore, she wanted to give him some of the bile contained in the galls to help detoxify the venom.


    The teenager was awakened by a horrendous bitter taste!

    His mouth was filled with a bitter and fishy taste that made him want to spit out everything, but Ning Xuemo clamped his chin. "Swallow it. This will save your life!"

    He stopped struggling and could only swallow whatever was in his mouth with a big gulp.

    With great difficulty, he swallowed twice, almost choking on the bitterness each time.

    Even after eating a whole gallbladder, he didn't even have the time to heave a sigh of relief when a second snake gall was brought to his mouth. "Here, there's still two more..."

    The teenager was left speechless, "..."

    Finally, he ingested all the bile from the three snake galls, and the poisoning was resolved. However, his face was green from the bitterness! The sick feeling of dizziness had been alleviated by a lot.

    He turned his body in order to be able to get up, but suddenly, he became aware of the rigidity of his limbs. He lifted his head and saw that his whole body was wrapped in bandages;  he was completely wrapped up from head to toes like a mummy!

    "Good! Your little life has been saved!"

    Ning Xuemo dusted off her hands and stood up. She let the little qilin spout out some fresh water for her to wash her hands.

    The teenager's eyes widened when he looked at her. The light within his eyes became somewhat complicated. "You... Why did you save me?"

    Weren't they complete strangers? What's more, this is the snake and scorpion peak. What was her motive?

    Ning Xuemo shot him a glance. "I saved you, because I felt like it. You should leave the mountains. I still have matters to attend; I won't accompany you!"

    She patted the little qilin's head and said, "Little Apple, let's go." She still wanted to go gather medicinal herbs.

    The teenager struggled on the ground and could finally sit up. Due to the lingering scent of the little qilin, the lower ranked snakes and scorpions didn't dare to approach his vicinity.

    He clenched his teeth and picked up his sword that was lying on the ground next to him. He stood despite the stiffness of his limbs.

    Unfortunately, the snake venom within him was barely cleansed, and he had lost too much blood. Thus, a burst of dizziness assailed his brain as soon as he was able to stand up. In the end, he couldn't support himself and fell back to the ground.

    "Right now, you cannot move as you wish. It's best for you to rest for an hour. Rest assured. I already instructed my little qilin to urinate all around here. You won't be attacked by the snakes or lower ranked creatures."

    As soon as she threw out those words, she turned around and left while saddled on the little qilin.

    The teenager stared blankly for a moment, helplessly watching her as she left. He narrowed his eyes before taking a deep breath and harmonized it with his body.

    He still didn't want to die. He must survive! He still wanted to harvest heavenly ice grass.

    After an unknown span of time, the teenager finally finished circulating his breath and was able to restore some power within his body. He opened his eyes and became surprised.

    The green clothed girl, who left earlier, had returned at some unknown time,  carrying in her hand deep blue grass - the heavenly ice grass!

    The teenager's eyes brightened. He examined the little girl and opened his mouth, "This..."

    "You risked your life to come here. Wasn't it just for this grass?" Ning Xuemo asked. Her voice was indifferent similar to before. "Earlier, I picked up too many of this grass. Here, you can take it."

    The teenager stayed silent, "..."

    He slowly stretched his hand out and took the grass. Then, he gently put it in his mouth and slowly ate it. He didn't even speak words of gratitude, because words would be too light.

    Ning Xuemo took advantage of the moment when the teenager sat in meditation to mount the little qilin and leave.

    Since the teenager could rely on his broken sword to reach that place, it was proof that he possessed outstanding ability. As long as the venom within his body was detoxified, he can leave the mountains without a problem.


    "Master, do you know him?" The little qilin had refrained from inquiring during  the whole journey and quickly left the mountains, before he finally couldn't resist asking this question.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Rest assured, Ning Xuemo won't stay too long in the mountains this time. She just needs to add a new.. err... friend to her collection of friends...
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