Chapter 327 – An Era of Deliberate Gossips

    Chapter 327 - An Era of Deliberate Gossips

    Ning Xuemo shook her head. "I don't know him." She only saved the teenager because his face resembled Number Two's; that's all.

    "This person, really! You saved his life and gave him that grass, but he didn't even say a word of thanks. He was very rude!" The little qilin felt somewhat indignant fro his master.

    "An act of kindness does not necessarily need a recompense. I also don't need his words of thanks. Personally, he's much better than that red-clothed degenerate." That perverted Xue Yilan was truly someone who bit the hand that fed him! Fortunately, he was duped by Ning Xuemo and thrown into that lake filled with monsters.

    From what its master said, that degenerate was eaten by the monsters within the lake.

    It has been many days since he appeared before them. Could it be that he really died?

    It was such a pity for the Blackwave Zither. Who knew where that man could have hidden it.

    Ning Xuemo shook her head. She decided not to trouble herself with that question. She yawned and said, "Let's go quickly. I'm sleepy."


    The story about Ning Xuemo being able to tame a qilin was well-known in the capital. Therefore, recently the qilin often appeared in his original appearance. Besides drawn in a crowd, nothing else happened, and no one tried to capture it.

    If they captured the qilin, they would have to grab Ning Xuemo, the bearer of bad luck, with them since the bearer of misfortunes was the one who tamed the qilin.

    This time Ning Xuemo was somewhat tired, so she just let the little qilin carry her back to the city at a fast pace. Nothing happen along the way, apart from attracting sidelong glances from the passerby.

    Sometimes, bits of conversation would float into her ears.

    "Isn't that person who just passed by the Ning Mansion's Young Miss?"

    "Yes, that's her, the bearer of misfortunes..."

    "Gasp! Stay far away from her. Don't get contaminated by her bad luck...."

    "Hmph! After you go back home, clean yourself properly to wash off the bad luck..."

    The two people were in a heated conversation when they suddenly heard two whistling sounds in front of them. They both lifted their head and saw two jet black balls flying directly into their mouths.

    The stench from the balls assailed their nostrils!

    They almost choked to death by that thing. In a flurry, they used their hands to pull out the ball and looked at it before they started to vomit.

    The things that almost caused them to suffocate were two balls of fresh donkey dung.

    Right at that moment, they heard a cute laugh, like the sound of silver bells ringing in front of them and getting further away.


    "Master, good accuracy!" The little qilin praised.

    Its little master didn't even turn her head and only used that branch in her hand to swing the dung off the ground, and then the dung flew directly into the mouths of those people behind them.

    Ning Xuemo covered her mouth as she yawned, "Of course. Your master is considered the number one hidden weap..."

    As she was speaking, they already reached the city entrance.

    Ning Xuemo rushed forward when suddenly the soldiers surrounded her with bustling noises, "Back! She returned!"

    Ning Xuemo frowned. She didn't do anything violating the law recently. So why would the soldiers surround her?

    She was about to inquire when the crowd parted on both sides, and a man in black imperial guard clothing came out and kneeled in front of her. "Miss Ning, please save our crown prince!"

    Ning Xuemo was speechless, "..."

    She already recognized the person in front of her. He was Ji Yunhuang's personal bodyguard. She already saw him 2-3 times. His name was Lei Liu.

    "What happened to your crown prince?"

    "His Highness, he... he received heavy injury and he's at death's door..."

    Ning Xuemo's eyebrows raised. She immediately said, "Go. Let's go to the crown prince's mansion! Lei Liu, tell me all the specifics on how he got injured..."


    Once disciplined and orderly, the crown prince's mansion had now turned into chaos in a short span of time.

    The crown prince's aides and advisors, the civil and military ministers, and even the Le Xuan Emperor were all gathered in the crown prince's mansion.

    The imperial physicians and all the famous doctors within the capital were immediately summoned to the crown prince's mansion.

    Grenn's Rants Corner

    Man... people these days should get into their head that life skills are meant to help them survive in zombie apocalypse or when the supermarket is nowhere to be found. There's no need to master each life skills, but you still need to master at least level 1 or 2.

    I'm talking about it because I'm flabbergasted when some people I know can't make an omelet or stir fried frozen vegetables without burning it. Level 1 cooking required observation skill only. There's no grand cooking techniques at level 1. You can't said that you can't cook when you don't pay attention to quantity of ingredients and cooking time, or notice when your food turned charcoal. This is more of an attention problem than being a cooking inept. I personally think that cooking is like a shorter version of refining pills in cultivation. The process could be long, but the final product is eatable and good for you.... except if you failed or refined a poison pill.
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