Chapter 328 – The Crown Prince’s Injury (1)

    Chapter 328 - The Crown Prince's Injury (1)

    Inside the crown prince's bedroom, Ji Yunhuang lied motionlessly on his bed with an unhealthy complexion and tightly clenched jaws.

    At this moment, a doctor was trembling in fear as he examined Ji Yunhuang.

    Le Xuan Emperor's face was overcasted. He was walking back and forth inside the main hall, letting out a gloomy and oppressive pressure which suffocated everyone.

    Trembling doctors were kneeling in a corner of the hall. Everyone had their head lowered. Their forehead drenched with rows of sweats from nervousness. After a moment, the doctor who was currently examining Ji Yunhuang loudly dropped on his knees. "Your Majesty!"

    Le Xuan Emperor anxiously asked, "How is he?"

    The doctor's lips trembled, "Your Majesty, his Highness the crown prince's injury has reached his heart vessels. Thi-this subject is powerless..."

    "Useless trashes!" Le Xuan Emperor slammed his hand on the table. "What the hell do I keep you around for?! If anything happens to the crown prince, I'll bury all of you!"

    The trembling doctor continued to kneel like the other doctors in the hall.

    "Cough..." Ji Yunhuang who was lying motionlessly up until now trembled. He suddenly coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Your Highness!"


    "Big Brother!"

    Chaos exploded as the servants wiped off the blood and cleaned Ji Yunhuang.

    Ji Yunyao, who was standing on the side, stared at Ji Yunhuang's paper-white face as she started sobbing, "Big Brother, you must go on. Waah~! If you die, I also don't want to live anymore..."

    "Shut up!" Le Xuan Emperor's impatience boiled over the top from her crying. "You still have the nerve to cry? If your brother didn't have to rescue you, do you think he would be this heavily injured? So, shut up and stop disturbing him!"

    Ji Yunyao trembled and did her utmost to stifle her cry, but her tears continued to flow down.

    "Your Majesty, Divine Doctor Mo has arrived!" An eunuch hurriedly came to report.

    Le Xuan Emperor's eyes brightened as if he had found a ray of hope to save his son's life. "Quickly invite him in! Hurry bring him here!"

    Divine Doctor Mo appeared to be a man in his thirties with a handsome appearance that tended towards the scholarly and intelligent type.

    On this continent, the name of Divine Doctor Mo was widely spread and heard by everyone.

    No one knew which master he had studied under, but everyone knew that his medical expertise was extremely high, resurrecting the dead and mending bones. The number of patients nearing death, that he was able to pull out from behind death's door with his miraculous hands, was incalculable.

    Wherever that person went, he was treated as an important guest, even by the imperial families of the five empires.

    When he took charge of a patient, his treatment was the epitome of excellence. However, his temperament was eccentric. He was exceedingly proud and arrogant, loathing people who questioned even the slightest part of his skills. In the case that he was called in question, he would simply stop his treatment and leave.

    Therefore, anyone who beseeched him for treatment would wait on him with reverence and heed his opinions like an imperial edict.

    Once the people present in the hall heard of his arrival, Le Xuan Emperor saw hope while the rows of kneeling doctors heaved out in relief.

    The Emperor led all the officials waiting outside to welcome the Divine Doctor at the entrance and invited him to come in.

    Ji Yunyao widened her eyes, not daring to blink as she fixed her attention on Divine Doctor Mo who was diagnosing Ji Yunhuang. Due to the imposing atmosphere, she didn't dare open her mouth.

    Even the Emperor was holding onto his breath. This Divine Doctor was their final hope!

    Divine Doctor Mo frowned. Le Xuan Emperor and his flock of people watched the Divine Doctor's expression attentively. When they saw him knit his eyebrows, it felt as if their own hearts were knitted into a knot.

    After a moment, Divine Doctor Mo put down Ji Yunhuang's wrist and slowly stood up.

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