Chapter 329 – The Crown Prince’s Injury (2)

    Chapter 329 - The Crown Prince's Injury (2)

    "Divine Doctor Mo, how is he? Can you save him?" Le Xuan Emperor wracked his brain just to say those words.

    Divine Doctor Mo's voice was flat and unwavering, "His heart vessels have been injured by the Heavenly Star Sect's Blue Star Knife. What's more, the Blue Star Knife was coated with the Soul Breaking Insect poison. Right now, the poison has already entered his eight extra meridians and the heart meridian is on the verge of rupturing. If it wasn't due to his Highness the crown prince's psychokinesis already reaching Earth realm rank 3, which could support his last breath, he would have been a dead man by now."

    "Right, right! Divine Doctor Mo, what you said was extremely accurate! My big brother was schemed against by the Heavenly Star Sect... Since you can determine the source of his injury, you must have a way to treat him, right?" Ji Yunyao's eyes glinted with hope.

    Divine Doctor Mo shook his head and was about to speak when an imperial guard announced from outside, "Reporting to the Emperor, Jingyuan Marquis' Mansion Miss Ning has arrived."

    Le Xuan Emperor knitted his eyebrows on reflex, "What did she come here for?"

    Ji Yunyao became exceedingly furious, "What did this bearer of misfortunes come here for? If it wasn't because of her, brother wouldn't receive such a heavy injury..."

    "Reporting to the Emperor, Miss Ning said that she can treat his Highness the crown prince." The imperial guard outside continued to report.

    Le Xuan Emperor was stumped. The Divine Doctor Mo sneered, "Such big confidence. Even I don't have a complete grasp of the treatment, but she said she can treat him?"

    Ji Yunyao snorted, "How can that slut have that kind of ability? She is merely putting on airs. Tell the maidservant to send her away!" Then, Ji Yunyao turned around and left.

    Le Xuan Emperor also didn't stop her. His eyes were attentively watching the Divine Doctor. "Divine Doctor Mo, since you know about the problem. You must have a way to treat my son, right?"

    The Divine Doctor proudly nodded, "I can try to save his life. Unfortunately, the insect poison had already reached his eight extra meridians. His Highness' cultivation could be considered a waste..."

    "WHAT?!" Le Xuan Emperor's expression greatly changed.

    Divine Doctor Mo still wasn't finnish, "Not only can he no longer cultivate, I'm afraid that he won't be able to walk in the future. Even sitting could be a challenge and he won't be able to take care of himself..."

    In other words, Ji Yunhuang would be paralysed and unable to get out of his bed for the rest of his life. He wouldn't be able to take care of his own bodily functions. What difference was there for him to be alive like this and being dead?

    Le Xuan Emperor's complexion turned deathly white. Ji Yunhuang was the son he was the most proud of. In the case that he turned into such a state...

    "Divine Doctor Mo, is there really no other way? As long as my son gets better, I'll do anything to make it possible no matter what your request is..."

    "Your Majesty, right now, even if you give him the heavenly ginseng fruit, his Highness the crown prince would still end up in the aforementioned state. This is already the most optimal outcome for him..."

    Le Xuan Emperor shook, his heart filled with despair.

    The court eunuch leaned in and whispered in the Emperor's ear, "Your Majesty, earlier the imperial guard said that Miss Ning could treat his Highness the crown prince's injury. Won't it be better for her to take a look? I heard that Miss Ning once reattached an arm like it was new."

    Le Xuan Emperor's mind stirred. He had yet to say anything, but the Divine Doctor sneered, "Your Majesty, could you really believe in the words of such a silly little girl?"

    Le Xuan Emperor choked, "This..."

    He did intend to let Ning Xuemo come and examine Ji Yunhuang. However, he was afraid that from the start Ning Xuemo would be unable to do anything, and he would offend the Divine Doctor instead, resulting in him losing his paralysed son completely.

    The Divine Doctor immediately saw through the apprehension within the Emperor's heart and gave a faint cold laugh, "Your Majesty, there is no harm in letting that little girl take a look. I'll see whether or not she has any kind of strange and wondrous method that can open my eyes."

    Le Xuan Emperor knew that the Divine Doctor Mo was mocking him and he was somewhat embarrassed, but this time his son's life was more important. The part of him that was tempered through the battlefield hesitated slightly, but he clung to the mentality that two heads were better than one, and hope shouldn't be relinquished until the end. Thus, soon after, he made the decision to summon Ning Xuemo.

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