Chapter 834: The Hell-Emperor Cometh!

    Chapter 834: The Hell-Emperor Cometh!

    Everyone present was dumbfounded, including the Giant Ghost King, the War Champion King, and even the Nine Serenities King. Although they were exerting all their effort to fight back against the sound attack, strange expressions still appeared on their faces. That was saying a lot, considering that this was a deadly battle in which no one knew who would come out alive and who would end up dead.

    Everyone felt incredible pressure weighing down on their hearts because of the bizarre little girl, and they were all wondering about what serious consequences there could be depending on how things turned out.

    And yet... in the middle of such a dramatic and bitter struggle, Bai Xiaochun showed up... yelping in exaggerated fashion as he crawled along underneath a turtle shell. It left everyone completely flabbergasted.

    The Giant Ghost King's tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, and the Spirit Advent King's jaw hung wide open. There was little need to mention how shocked the Grand Heavenmaster was.

    All eyes were glued to the hollering Bai Xiaochun as he and his turtle shell got closer and closer to the Giant Ghost King.

    "Bai...." the Giant Ghost King began. And yet before he could even think of what to say, Bai Xiaochun grabbed his leg, turned around, and began dragging him away.

    The Giant Ghost King was already weak enough as it was. When Bai Xiaochun began pulling on him, he didn't resist. He was like a statue underneath the eyes of all present, being inexorably pulled toward safety.

    "Ow... Opany him....

    By this point, the little girl was about to go crazy, and her face was twisted with fury. She might have been able to accept the fact that her technique didn't affect him, but then he had gone and rescued everyone else....

    Even as she began to sink into hysteria, the Grand Heavenmaster and everyone else settled down cross-legged and began to recover. By use of demigod secret magic, the process went very quickly. Soon, the Giant Ghost King didn't look weak anymore, and was mostly recovered.

    If nothing happened to interfere, it wouldn't be long before all of the demigods were back at peak battle prowess.

    "Bai Xiaochun!!" the girl screamed. Everyone in the area went stiff at the sound of her voice, and Bai Xiaochun shivered anxiously. However, before anything else could happen, the Grand Heavenmaster, War Champion King, Spirit Advent King, and Giant Ghost King all opened their eyes. Four demigods all rose to their feet and strode forward to attack the 500-kilometer lake of sound.

    Meanwhile, the Nine Serenities King howled at the top of his lungs and went all out to join the other four demigods in the assault.

    Shocking booms rang out in all directions as the 500-kilometer lake of sound began to tremble and collapse. After only ten breaths of time, it completely shattered. Blood sprayed out of the mouth of the Nine Serenities King as he staggered backward, visibly aged, and obviously seriously injured.

    As soon as the lake of sound collapsed, the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods attacked in full force, unleashing one divine ability after another. In response, the little girl screamed, and the violet conglomeration of blood writhed as it took human shape. Then the girl waved both of her hands up into the air.

    As she did, the sky distorted, and intense rumbling sounds echoed out everywhere. All of the Wildlands souls which had been rushing in her direction increased their speed significantly, hundreds upon hundreds of millions of them all closing in on the girl.

    The sky grew dim from all of the howling vengeful souls. Soon, there were billions of them, swirling around the little girl like a cyclone!

    The souls soon began to take the shape of a face, a face that filled the entire sky. It was the little girl, her eyes sinister and filled with anger and resentment that caused the entire world to tremble.

    "Nobody can save you!" she howled, borrowing the voices of all of the countless vengeful souls to speak. At the same time, she opened the mouth of the face of souls, and a black wind sprang out.

    Shocking power filled the gusts of wind, power that caused the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods to look on in shock. Bai Xiaochun also gasped, and began to back away.

    That wind carried the power to destroy everything in existence, and yet, before that could happen... a sigh echoed out, a sigh of profound ancientness!

    A figure appeared within the swirling black winds. He wore a long black robe, and at first, it was impossible to see his face. He was so old that anyone who looked at him would immediately come to the conclusion that he had just stepped out from profoundly ancient times.

    "Great-Grandpa Gravekeeper!" Bai Xiaochun said, stunned.

    "Hell-Emperor!!" cried the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods, expressions of profound reverence on their faces.

    When Bai Xiaochun heard what they were calling the gravekeeper, his jaw dropped.

    Although all of this takes a bit of time to describe, it all happened in the briefest of moments. The gravekeeper seemed to exist in a different dimension than the black wind, which didn't affect him at all. He strode forward until he was right in front of the enormous face of the young girl. Then he reached out with his ancient, withered hand, and pushed down onto it.
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