Chapter 330 – Ye Wu Chen’s News Part 2

    Chapter 330 - Ye Wu Chen's News Part 2

    If it hadn't been for that smile, he wouldn't have been able to withstand the pain he went through to reconstruct his limbs.

    He bore with the pain due to his desire in wanting to meet with this woman with a perfect appearance someday...


    "Old Man Qiu, what I said was the truth. What do I have to do for you to believe me? That talent really exist. I'm not lying!"

    Song Ran anxiously explained in the alchemy hall, "That girl really does have boundless mental power. It nearly made me collapse on the ground.

    "Tsk! Tsk!"  Qiu Yu sniggered. "Elder Song, what nonsense are you going on about now? I remembered you previously told me you found a talent, but what happened then? You made a mistake. You are speaking nonsense again. Who will believe you after a mistake?"

    Elder Song glared fiercely at him. "I indeed made a mistake previously, but it is genuine this time! That's right, isn't there a genius that appeared in the academy recently? He seemed to be known as Ye Wu Chen. If he is the top genius in the martial hall, then the top genius in the alchemy hall will definitely be Mu Ru Yue."

    "Ye Wu Chen?" Qiu Yu couldn't help but frown when he heard that name. "Our entire academy became a mess ever since Ye Wu Chen came to the academy, especially the women. They are all love-struck fools. They weren't like this before. Also, I feel that Ye Wu Chen's purpose for coming here won't be simple. He seemed to have come to our academy for something. But it is undeniable that the fellow is a rare genius."

    Elder Song chuckled. "Why would you care about his purpose? There is nothing secretive about our academy other than the back mountain. Moreover, there are a couple of ancestor spirits guarding that back mountain. Those ancestors existed from thousands of years ago, the followers of Senior Yue. How can they be ordinary to be able to enter Senior Yue's eyes? So, there isn't a need to worry about what will happen there. But Ye Wu Chen indeed does things at his own pace. He just left the academy without taking a leave and it is unknown when he will return..."

    He sighed after saying that.

    Who told him to be a genius? The people of the martial hall didn't say anything so they naturally wouldn't be able to help meddle in that matter. Since he was a genius, he held much higher authority than the other ordinary disciples. He could leave and enter the academy at will...

    "Elder Song Ran! Elder Qiu Yu!"

    At this moment, a voice came from outside the door.

    The two of them looked to where the voice came from and frowned after seeing Mo Li briskly enter the room.

    "Mo Li, why have you sought us?"

    "To the two elders, this is what happened." Mo Li respectfully cupped his hands and narrated what had just happened with extra details. "That girl known as Mu Ru Yue doesn't respect her teacher's teachings so I want to test her abilities. But she had a request that I don't dare to accept so I came to beseech the two elders."

    Song Ran shook his head helplessly. That little girl created trouble during her first day in the academy. Furthermore, he knew Mo Li really well. His words couldn't be trusted.

    Yet, Song Ran was curious about that little girl's ability...

    "Alright, I will agree to her request." Song Ran smiled and nodded as he continued, "I will personally host the exam that will occur in three days time."

    Mo Li looked flabbergasted at Song Ran.

    With Elder Song's status, he didn't need to personally show up at the exam, but now he wanted to host the exam? What had gone wrong?
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