Chapter 339 – Subduing A Divine Beast And Half A Year of Closed Door Training Part 1

    Chapter 339 -Subduing A Divine Beast And Half A Year of Closed Door Training Part 1

    "That's why I say that you little girl's luck is too good." Song Ran looked with resentment and even jealousy at Mu Ru Yue. If he were to obtain such a divine instrument at a tender age, he might be even more successful in life.

    He currently had grown old already. It would be the younglings era in the future of the Central Region.

    "Oh, that's right. You have passed the exam so according to the previous agreement, you obtained special rights. You don't need to study at the alchemy hall, excluding examinations. You can come directly to find me if you face with any problems in alchemy. Petty-minded trash like Mo Li isn't qualified to tutor a genius as yourself."

    Song Ran gaze turned sharp. With his ability, he had quickly found out that it was Mo Li that was behind the explosion of the pill furnace. He was too busy today and thus didn't have the time to settle the debt with that stinky brat.

    As the hall master of the alchemy hall, he must treat every matters fairly. Yet, he used his power to avenge his personal grudges. With that, it was sufficient to toss him out of the alchemy hall.

    "If you don't have further matters, I will take my leave." Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. In comparison to listen to his chatters, she preferred to cultivate...

    "Alright." Song Ran reluctantly looked at the phoenix furnace before Mu Ru Yue. It was as though he remembered something that he suddenly raised his head and said, "Little girl, I will give you another special authority. You are free to look at all the books in the archive of the alchemy hall. There are several alchemy books there. It should be greatly beneficial to you."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled without replying him. She possessed the Alchemy Book so how could those ordinary books enter her eyes? But there might be the some books that described Senior Yue and Zi Huang's past in the Central Region's archives.

    "I will give it a look now."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled toward Song Ran in gratitude after receiving the jade tablet. With a wave, she kept the phoenix furnace before turning around and left the room.

    Looking at the young girl's leaving figure, Elder Song sighed as he lamented, "This girl seems to be only eighteen. It will really be the younglings era in the future. We have aged and should pass the continent to them. I don't know if I am over thinking but I have this constant feeling that the stagnant water of the Central Region will be disrupted by her existence."


    In the archive of the alchemy hall, Mu Ru Yue entered without hindrance. Once she entered the room, she felt an indistinct power in it.

    With a crease of her long, shapely eyebrows, Mu Ru Yue didn't think much about that and started to find the books she want. As expected, the archive was filled with only alchemy related books and not what she wanted.

    "It seems that it will be futile to search for books regarding Senior Yue and Zi Huang here." Mu Ru Yue calmly withdrew her gaze before she suddenly seemed to have discovered something as her gaze landed on a book...

    The book seemed to be charmed, pulling strongly at her heart.

    Mu Ru Yue didn't hesitate and take the ancient book from the bookshelf. She gently dusted the book before she muttered with a slight raise of the brow, "Is this book related to the history of the Central Region?"

    Perhaps it was due to curiosity that Mu Ru Yue gradually opened the book.

    This book just described how the Central Region came about. Its content was boring and extremely ordinary. Just as she wanted to close the book and place it back on the shelf, a ray of light shot out from her chest...

    "Alchemy book!"

    Mu Ru Yue was stunned.


    The Alchemy Book left her body before she could react with its white pages flipping rapidly.
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