Chapter 340 – Subduing A Divine Beast And Half A Year of Closed Door Training Part 2

    Chapter 340 -Subduing A Divine Beast And Half A Year of Closed Door Training Part 2

    The entire contents of the Alchemy Book flowed before Mu Ru Yue. They seemed to have been engraved into her memories. It was so vivid that the movements when pill refining seemed enlarged as they were displayed before her.

    Mu Ru Yue closed her eyes to quietly feel each and every part of that previous scene.

    Her entire body felt free as she did so. While her alchemy standard didn't make a breakthrough, she could feel it wouldn't be far.

    Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes abruptly and saw the Alchemy Book emitting light as it metamorphosed into a key. It landed on Mu Ru Yue's hand and the book in her hand showed gradual changes.

    When the light faded, a bronze-coloured ancient book laid in Mu Ru Yue's hand, emitting radiance. A key that was neither small nor large entered her eyes.

    Mu Ru Yue used the key to unlock the bronze-coloured ancient book without hesitation.


    A ray of light shot up toward the sky, illuminating the entire archive. Such an abnormal phenomenon alarmed the entire academy. Momentarily, all gazes shot toward the archive...

    A white-haired elder with an immortal atmosphere suddenly opened his eyes within the dean's manor. He immediately looked toward the archive, astonished.

    "It is the Alchemy Book! The Alchemy Book has been subdued! No, I have to look for the ancestor masters. This is something major!"

    The door at the back of the mountains wouldn't open unless it was necessary. The ancient spirits dwelling within the back mountain seemed to know what had happened as two magical beasts greeted the dean and led him in.

    Two elders were already silently waiting for his arrival inside a room of the mountain.

    The elder on the left was red-clad with a smile. He looked cultured and friendly. On the right was an ash-gray robed elder. He was unemotional. The two of them were similar in that they lacked substantial bodies.

    They were just a group of spirits depending on the spiritual energy of the back mountain. If it wasn't for Lord Bai Ze establishing the back mountain for the spirits to live and thus enable them to await the return of Senior Yue, they would have already perished from the world.

    However, they needed to find a suitable body to possess and not all of them was so lucky to find such a thing...

    "Ancestor Master Hong Yun, Ancestor Master Hui Ying."

    The dean bowed slightly.

    Hong Yun waved his hand before he could give his report and said with a smile, "We know what you came here for. You are to forbid anyone from nearing the archive. If anyone dares to near that place, you must punish them severely!"

    The dean was startled, but didn't ask further. He instead bowed and replied, "Understood, Ancestor Master Hong Yun."

    Upon saying that, he walked out of the room.

    After he left, Hong Yun's smiled gradually vanished. "Hui Ying, Lord Bai Ze placed the Alchemy Book here and just said to wait for the destined person to appear. The destined person would have a key to unlock the Alchemy Book. But, he didn't say who that person would be."

    Hui Ying raised his head to look out the room and gaze at the sky before replying calmly, "Lord Bai Ze was the person she trusted the most. Since she left, we must follow Lord Bai Ze's order. However, Lord Bai Ze fell for Zi Feng's sinister plot when he wanted to save the young master and, thus, he was trapped within Hundred Valley. Otherwise, with Lord Bai Ze's tyrannical strength, he would have been able to end the life of that malevolent woman thousands of years ago to avenge Senior Yue and Zi Huang."
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