Chapter 346 – They All Bullied Me Part 1

    Chapter 346 -They All Bullied Me Part 1

    Yao Yun Qing chuckled with mockery in her clear eyes. She neared Liu Li step after step. With intensifying killing intent in her eyes, she exclaimed, "Tell me where on earth did Zang Qing Xue had hidden to?!"

    Liu Li bit her lips before she shouted suddenly, "Lord Mo Li, please save me!"

    At that moment, an ash-gray robe flashed past. A mid-age man appeared on the martial arena. He looked coldly at the delicate and pretty face of the girl and snorted lightly.

    Instantly, a powerful pressure came upon Yao Qing Yun. Her legs gave way and she fell onto the ground. She then looked furiously at Mo Li and rebuked, "My competition with Liu Li hadn't finished yet. But you as the in charge of the martial arena came to interfere our fight. Can you be even more shameless?!"

    Mo Li gaze darkened.

    'In Charge of the martial arena...'

    Those words were like a sharp thorn that stabbed his heart.

    He clearly had tweaked with the pill furnace in such a discreet fashion. But who knew that old man Song Ran still found that out. Worse still, he had chased him out of the Alchemy Hall. If it wasn't for the Martial Hall to retain him by making him in charge of the arena, he would most probably be kicked out of the academy.

    No matter what, the Alchemy Hall couldn't interfere with the Martial Hall matters. But the Martial Hall didn't want to offend the Alchemy Hall so they didn't dare to give him an important role and just let him be the in charge of this place.

    Hence, it was a humiliation to him!

    "The winner and loser had already been determined so the competition ends." Mo Li coldly lifted his gaze and continued in a cold tone, "Do you still have any dissatisfaction?"

    Looking at this scene, the crowd looked at each other with disdain in their heart.

    Mo Li was clearly misusing his powers to avenge his personal matters. Who called that friend of Yao Yun Qing to offend him? He would naturally hate her as well.

    Yao Yun Qing's face darkened and she asked, "Mo Li, have you forgotten the two sole rules of the Martial Arena? The first is that the referee can only stop the fight when one side loses fighting power. The other is when the other side concedes, the competition ends. That woman hasn't concede nor is she severely injured that renders her to lose all fighting powers. I wonder how you judge that the competition has ended. How is this fair?"

    "Little girl, you are too naive." Mo Li chuckled coldly. "There isn't fair or unfair in this world. The one with the stronger fist is the winner. Your friend has entered Song Ran's eyes so he might protect you in the Alchemy Hall, but within the Martial Hall, you don't have any backings. Thus, whatever I, Mo Li, say is what it is. It is best that you leave now. If you adamantly continue to resist against my judgment, I can only be impolite to you!"

    'The one with the stronger fist is the winner.'

    Yao Yun Qing's expression chilled. She had already understood that logic long ago as this continent wasn't the nation Hua Xia after all. There wasn't any logic in this world.

    A trace of light flashed in Liu Li's eyes when the other seemed to be zoning out. She suddenly stood up and dashed toward Yao Yun Qing from behind Mo Li.

    The crowd took in a breath. Liu Li was really sacrificing her life as she dared to attack Yao Yun Qing now. If it wasn't for the protection by Mo Li, she would already been beaten up to a pulp by Yao Yun Qing.

    Yet, Liu Li had only a thought now.

    'Kill her!

    'I must kill this damnable bitch!'

    When Liu Li's sword was reaching Yao Yun Qing's side, the other seemed to have suddenly came back to her senses. Yao Yun Qing just raised her palm and struck Liu Li's chest mercilessly.

    Liu Li's eyes enlarged gradually as her body formed an arc in the air before landing heavily on the ground.
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