Chapter 348 – Yan Jin’s Domineering Return Part 1

    Chapter 348- Yan Jin's Domineering Return Part 1

    Mu Ru Yue's frosty gaze glanced through the crowd before landing on Mo Li. Her killing intent surged forth at that instant. She gradually descended from the sky as she looked past Mo Li to look coldly at Liu Li that was being protected by Mo Li.

    "Qing Er, how did she bully you just now?"

    Yao Yun Qing pulled a face at Liu Li before looking with grief at Mu Ru Yue. She said pitifully, "She had tried to kill me twice previously and failed to do so. She then sought for Mo Li as the person in charge as a helper. However..."

    Yao Yun Qing paused for a while before continuing, "Even if Mo Li is a little trashy, he is still a High Rank Xiantian expert. We should wait before settling the debt with Liu Li. I don't believe that Mo Li will be by her side all the time!"

    Liu Li's expression changed as she glared furiously at Yao Yun Qing.

    "Qing Er, how do you like to deal with her?" Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze toward Liu Li, undisguised killing intent was shown in her eyes.

    "She had wanted to kill me. If it wasn't for my ability better than her, I would have died. With the phrase of a tooth for a tooth, I should kill her. But I'm usually kind hearted and don't like the sight of blood." Yao Yun Qing shook her head and her expression was just like someone that didn't bear to kill a person before she continued, "So, it will suffice to just cripple her powers."

    'Liu Li, didn't you look down on us with the power of your family? You had also said that you will make the Liu family deal with us. If you are a trash, I wonder if the Liu family will still want you.'

    There were times where death wasn't the most painful event. In this continent that revered expert, if one became a trash, she would live her life in agony.

    Yao Yun Qing smiled with elation in her eyes. This was the outcome in trying to kill her!

    "What are you doing!"

    Feeling the aura that was bursting forth from the young girl, Mo Li's expression changed greatly. He dashed forth in a flash. A gale shot forth from his body...


    Zi Qian Jing was rushing over from nearby. When he suddenly saw Mo Li charging toward Mu Ru Yue, killing intents appeared in his beautiful eyes. Overflowing flames of fury exploded from his body.

    Anyone that was delusional in trying to hurt mother dies!

    Yet, when he wanted to make his move, a black figure soared over in the sky. It was obvious to the eye in broad daylight. Following that, a domineering yell out was heard.

    "Human, you are too gutsy to try to hurt this senior's master. Die!"


    A black ray of light flashed and landed on Mo Li's chest. Mo Li still didn't know what happened when his body soared through the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

    A man was standing in mid air with his black-robe fluttering. A cold expression was displayed on his carved-like face. With increasing killing intents in his abyss-like eyes, he stared coldly at Mo Li who was on the ground.

    When the crowd saw this monarch-like man, astonishment filled their eyes.

    If the charming and handsome Wu Chen was an Asura from hell with a tyrannical aura, this man was the emperor of the world with his domineering aura filling the heavens, showing the attitude of a monarch.


    A flame cast by Mu Ru Yue entered Liu Li's body, sending her body to fly backwards. Her face paled and spurted a mouthful of blood, disbelief filled her eyes.

    Mo Li was defeated by that man in an instant. Who was he? He was so strong!
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