Chapter 364 – Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 7

    Chapter 364 -Ye Wu Chen's Return Part 7

    Yan Jin, who had been tossed into the Alchemy Book by her in order to accompany Xiao Bai, raged when he heard those insults toward Mu Ru Yue. He could feel intense flames of fury rising in his heart. It was like a fireball that desired to shoot out from his chest.

    Yet, Mu Ru Yue remained calm while facing such humiliations. There wasn't even the slight change in her expression. Her black eyes remained calm without any ripples.

    It was as though she wasn't the one those people were talking about...

    "Zang Qing Xue, **ing go and die!" Yao Yun Qing's face turned green and she even swore vulgarities. With flames of anger surging in her eyes, she shouted with gritted teeth, "It seems you had forgotten everything that happened before! Good, I will refresh your memory!"

    She gripped her sword tightly. Just as she wanted to make her move, a body flashed past her.

    A silver robe flashed elegantly over to before Zang Qing Xue. When the crowd was stunned, consecutive slapping sounds broke the tranquility of the morning...

    Zi Qian Jing lifted his leg at the end and, with a flutter of his silver robe, kicked Zang Qing Xue harshly.


    That kick sent her flying ten meters back.

    "Anyone that insults her again dies!"

    The youth's voice brimmed with such killing intent that it made people's heart shudder...

    He wouldn't allow anyone to badmouth her. Those that did would be eliminated by him, even if he had to bloody his hands.

    "Your hand is dirty. Wipe it!"

    Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly as she looked at the approaching youth and took out a handkerchief for him.

    Zi Qian Jing looked at her handkerchief. With longings in his eyes, he said, "You wipe it for me."

    Mu Ru Yue was stunned slightly. 'Isn't this guy acting like a spoiled kid? But I don't know why I just can't reject him. It is as though I owe him all of this...'


    Seeing the girl's warm and gentle actions, happiness gathered in Zi Qian Jing's eyes. Who said that mother was heartless? That was only to her enemies. She was always this gentle to her loved ones.

    "Ahhhhh! Go and die!"

    An unknown source of power surged out from Zang Qing Xue. She got up on her feet and dashed toward Mu Ru Yue like an insane person. Her blood-shot eyes clearly revealed her jealousy.

    The other women also took out their weapons. They didn't forget their motives in coming here today.

    It was to make this girl unable to seduce their Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen. Once Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen knew that they had settled this problem for them, how grateful he would be?

    "Kill her! Kill this shameless bitch!"

    Every girls' heart surged with so much hatred that even the academy rules were tossed to the back of their minds.

    Even if they killed her, it would be only be a death. It couldn't be that the academy would eliminate so many disciples of the Martial Hall for such a trash, right?

    Lin Ruo Ying's green dress fluttered in the morning breeze as she looked at the girls that were charging toward Mu Ru Yue. A trace of peculiar light shone in her clear eyes.

    "Wu Chen, you will never be bothered by her ever again. I have said that I am willing to do anything for you."

    Even if it was to use these people to kill that shameless bitch.

    Mu Ru Yue seemed to not realize the attack behind her as she smilingly wiped Zi Qian Jing's hand and finger, not leaving out even the gaps of his fingers.

    When the crowd's attack neared her, a purple power burst forth from behind her back.


    All of their weapons shattered. They were all sent flying backwards before they could react...
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