Chapter 366 – Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 9

    Chapter 366 -Ye Wu Chen's Return Part 9

    He was actually being treated as a love rival trying to snatch his wife. How could he let his father do as he pleased and snatch mother away?

    Currently, Zi Qian Jing had forgotten that Ye Wu Chen was clueless about him being his son. Thus, in Ye Wu Chen's eyes, wasn't he really trying to snatch his wife?

    Everyone was stunned at this moment as they looked with shock as two similarly perfect men fought over a girl. Their expression were like the astonishment of seeing a dinosaur.

    Ye Wu Chen's expression turned grim as he tugged at the girl's arm again, looking with jealousy at Zi Qian Jing.

    "That's because I'm her husband!"

    If a man just appeared by Mu Ru Yue's side, he wouldn't be this jealous. His woman was that outstanding after all so it wouldn't be strange for men to appear at her side.

    The problem was that she treated this youth so gently and even helped him wipe his hand. She didn't even do that for him!

    How could Ye Wu Chen not be jealous when he saw that?

    Ye Wu Chen didn't notice that all of the disciples at the site were stupefied when he said the world 'husband'.

    'Husband? Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen called himself that woman's husband? How was that possible?'

    "She is your wife, but she is also my..." Zi Qian Jing stopped what he was going to say as he almost said 'mother'. He paused a while before correcting his statement, "She is also a woman I want to protect!"

    "That we will have to see if she is willing or not!"

    The two of them was tugging at her arm, unwilling to back down. They made Mu Ru Yue's expression slowly darken.

    "How long are you two going to tug my arm? Release me, now!" She said that with slight anger.

    Seeing that she was displeased, they hastily released their hand and glared at each other, not wanting to give in to the other.

    "My wife, he bullied me first." Ye Wu Chen glared at Zi Qian Jing. With grief in his purple eyes, he continued, "You haven't ever wiped my hand before, but you wiped his. He clearly wants to snatch you away from me. My wife, your husband is already your man. We wedded and even underwent the bridal ceremony. You ate me completely so you can't not care about me. If not... If not, then your husband will make you unable to leave the bed for a hundred days."

    "Ye Wu Chen, what is your purpose in saying all that?"

    "I want you to treat me like how you treated him previously..."

    Ye Wu Chen raised his gaze, looking incredibly pitiful.

    Seeing the man extend his hand toward her, Mu Ru Yue was completely dumbfounded. Was this pitiful-looking man really that previous charming Asura-like Ye Wu Chen?

    Could it be an imposter?

    "Ye Wu Chen!" Mu Ru Yue gritted her teeth and continued, "Have you eaten the wrong medicine?"

    "I didn't eat any wrong medicine, but your husband is just jealous."

    Jealousy really was expressed on Ye Wu Chen's face. With resentment in his purple eyes, he said, "My wife, you haven't wiped my hand, but you so meticulously wiped the hand of this brat,who came out from nowhere. You haven't even treated me in such a fashion yet..."

    Mu Ru Yue was stunned. She couldn't possibly explain to Ye Wu Chen that she treated Zi Qian Jing as her son, right? Zi Qian Jing was of similar age to her. If she said that, wouldn't it be too far-fetched?

    "If you have the time to be jealous, shouldn't you settle this matter before you first?" Zi Qian Jing sniggered at the man's slightly stunned face as he continued, "She was humiliated by so many fools who were love-struck for you. How do you think we should deal with this matter?"

    Ye Wu Chen truthfully didn't know what had happened until now.
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