Chapter 367 – Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 10

    Chapter 367  -Ye Wu Chen's Return Part 10

    He just knew that once he returned to the academy, people were discussing that people from the Martial Hall was seeking trouble with Xiao Ru Yue. Didn't Xiao Ru Yue refer to Mu Er after she entered the Xiao family and changed her surname?

    Thus, he came here with the hope of finding her. He really didn't expect she would really come to the Central Region Academy.

    Yet, what entered his sight was his beloved wife wiping another man's hand. She was so serious and gentle, causing jealousy to bubble in his heart...

    "What happened?" A sinister ray of light shone in Ye Wu Chen's purple eyes as he surveyed the paled disciples. When his gaze paused for a while as it landed on Lin Ruo Ying, his sinister aura intensified.

    Lin Ruo Ying bit her lips. She looked at that divinely handsome, Asura-like man with a pale-white complexion.

    The entire academy thought that her relationship with Ye Wu Chen was good. She had even self-proclaimed herself as his friend and even wanted her master to arrange a marriage between him for her. But only Lin Ruo Ying herself knew that this man never so much as looked at her so she had wanted to do things to move him.

    No matter if it was to previously helping Mu Ru Yue or wanting to kill her today, it was all for this man.


    Lin Ruo Ying's heart shuddered when she thought about what that man said.

    'How can that girl be his wife? How can the noble, strong, charming, outstanding, and perfect man be already married?

    'I really can't believe it and don't want to!

    'If he really has a wife, then won't this mean that I won't have a chance to experience 'A couple for life and all eternity?'

    At this moment, all of the girls' hearts shuddered and they shot jealous gazes at Xiao Ru Yue. It was as though they wanted to kill her. Yet, their fear overwhelmed their jealousy.

    Who said that Ye Wu Chen disliked this woman that shamelessly pestered him?

    Who was the one that said that woman seduced Ye Wu Chen unclothed and even wanted to drug him into her bed? They were a married couple so why did she need to drug him? Since they were married, wasn't it normal that she was no longer a virgin after the bridal ceremony? That person even slandered and said she was a slut that went out with several guys.

    With Ye Wu Chen's high sight, how could he marry a slut?

    Everyone furiously glared at Zang Qing Xue who had fainted long ago...

    Zang Qing Xue didn't expect that just as her plan was about to be completed, Ye Wu Chen came back to the Academy. Once he was back, her lies would be exposed.

    "What happened?" Zi Qian Jing sniggered as sinister killing intent was expressed on his handsome face. He continued, "Shouldn't you ask them for the details? Those woman humiliated her as they said you disdained Mu Ru Yue, but that she still pestered you. What was more unbearable was that they even said she was a slut that went out with several men. They also said that she was delusional in trying to seduce you without clothes and even wanted to drug you with aphrodisiac..."

    The happiness in Ye Wu Chen's eyes from reuniting with Mu Ru Yue gradually faded. His purple eyes stared at the girls who had terrified expressions. A sinister aura enveloped his body.

    "Who said those words?"

    "She was the one." Zi Qian Qing smiled and pointed at the fainted Zang Qing Xue. His gaze then shifted to Lin Ruo Ying and complained furiously, "There is also this woman that self-proclaimed to be your friend. She even used a mistress tone and thought that Mu Ru Yue was your friend initially. Thus, she said that she planned to take good care of her on your behalf, as though Mu Ru Yue was a burden. The crowd also gathered here today wanting to kill Mu Ru Yue in the name of helping you after hearing what Zang Qing Xue said."

    Zi Qian Jing currently acted as though he was a child complaining to his father. Resentment and anger filled his eyes...
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