Chapter 376 – The ‘Mistress’ Outcome Part 5

    Chapter 376 -The 'Mistress' Outcome Part 5

    Ye Wu Chen's smile became gentler as he tightly embraced the girl by his side.

    "Mu Er, let's give birth to a couple more offsprings. It would be too lonely if it is only one."

    'A couple?'

    Mu Ru Yue's eyes widened. 'Is this fellow treating her like a pig?'

    But she wasn't able to rebuke that man's words as he flipped his body over her, relieving all of his thoughts and desires that had accumulated during this period of time, becoming one with the girl...


    Lin Ruo Ying was in deep waters and scorching flames when compared to the lovers on their side.


    She was experienced heart wrenching pain at this moment!

    The pain wasn't from the injuries of her internal organs, but like there was a flame burning her body, causing her intense pain.

    Lin Ruo Ying bit her lips, her body trembling slightly.


    The room door was pushed open. When Lin Ruo Ying looked over and saw a youth at the entrance, fear instantly surged in her eyes.

    The chilly moonlight enveloped the youth's slender figure. When the breeze blew, his silver robe fluttered. This man clearly possessed a beauty that would make people lose their breath. It was handsome to the point that people couldn't ignore him...

    Yet, there was a man held in the youth's hand. The man was bulky and had an ugly appearance. He had a gruesome scar that covered his face. He was with a flat nose and thick lips. With but a glance, it made people's stomach churn.

    However, such a rough looking man was being easily held by the youth. He was holding him like holding a bag of trash.

    "What do you want to do again?!"

    Lin Ruo Ying stammered her words as she yelled. She wanted to scream for help, but a tyrannical power smashed over to her, making her unable to utter a word...

    "I've come to help you." Zi Qian Jing lifted his gaze and said unfeelingly, "That pill was refined by my mother. I had stolen some of those pills. She is the only one that knows how to resolve the medicine in this world. It is a pity that mother lost her memories so even she can't remember how to alleviate your pain. But there is a way that can help you without using any powers."

    Zi Qian Jing smirked as he chuckled sinisterly. "That method is to use a man to resolve the poison."

    Lin Ruo Ying widened her eyes as she gasped from fright.

    'Did he just use an aphrodisiac on me? Only aphrodisiac drugs needed a man as the antidote.'

    Perhaps Zi Qian Jing could deduce what she wanted to say as he coldly snorted and explained, "Don't think that the Sexual Fire Pill can be compared to trashy aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are better as you will be high while the poison is being resolved and the effect disappears once you do it with a man. But the Sexual Fire Pill will make you feel like dying as you live. Your body would seem like it was doused in flames and can only be temporarily alleviated by a man. But it will return the following night. And so on, every night, forever.

    "This is a pill my mother discovered accidentally when she was refining pills. She was really interested in pills she hadn't seen before. Furthermore, it still took her three more days to make an antidote to counter the components of these pills with her capabilities. If it were others, it would be impossible to come up with an antidote even if they were given years."

    Looking at Lin Ruo Ying's terrified gaze, Zi Qian Jing said ruthlessly and heartlessly with words that would cast a human to hell in an instant. "Since this is the first night, I'm kind enough to provide you the method to solve your problem. You will need to find your own men in the future. Of course, there are requirements for the men used as antidote for the Sexual Fire Pill. They must have an ugly appearance. If the man was handsome and delicate, it would only intensify your pain.

    "Perhaps you won't find a man and think you can bear with the pain for a night. Even so, the Sexual Fire Pill will scorch your skin and disfigure your face. This result is the same if you try to find a handsome boy."

    Of course, Zi Qian Jing said those words to scare her purposely. Since it was to avenge his mother, the more ruthless he was the better. This is the outcome for those that wanted to be a mistress in their relationship!
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