Chapter 379 – Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 3

    Chapter 379 -Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 3

    Zi Qian Jing accidentally blurted out his heartfelt words due to his intense anger. He was stunned momentarily as he looked at the other two's expression with some slight apprehensiveness in his eyes.

    "Mother?" Ye Wu Chen smiled. "Ben Wang heard Mu Er mentioned this before that you initially mistook her as your mother from the start. But Ben Wang and she hadn't yet given birth to any offsprings yet. Where did this 'son' come from?"

    It wasn't Ye Wu Chen's fault for not recognizing him. In Nangong Zi Feng's memories, their son from their past life was being held captive in a place where time froze. This was to say that he should still have a five-year-old appearance even though thousands of years have passed. How could he have such an appearance in such a short time?

    More importantly, their son's limbs were amputated. He also inherited his father's appearance and had a pair of purple eyes so it was natural for them to be unable to recognise Zi Qian Jing.


    Zi Qian Jing was startled as he suddenly said angrily, "I don't care that much. She is mine! I want to be with her!"

    He wanted to tell them everything, but he was afraid that they wouldn't accept or believe him...

    Ye Wu Chen's brows rose. He casually swept a gaze at Zi Qian Jing's face before lowering his gaze to the girl by his side. With a smile, he suggested, "Mu Er, let's quickly eat up. We'll carry out our child-making plans after eating. How many kids shall we have? Isn't there a saying that 'a dragon's life has nine children'? How about we have nine too?"

    He had purposely said that to Zi Qian Jing.

    'Didn't you say Mu Er is yours? It is a pity that she is already my, Ye Wu Chen's, wife...'

    Mu Ru Yue glanced at him and rebuked, "Nine? If you are that capable, you give birth to nine yourself!"

    "We will have three. It is enough to have three in our life." Ye Wu Chen tightened his grip on Mu Ru Yue's waist as he whispered intimately, "Your husband was so hardworking yesterday that your waist and back hurt so much that you couldn't get out of bed yourself. So your husband believes we will have a son soon."

    Mu Ru Yue couldn't help glare at him after she thought about last night.

    A man that was restrained for a year was as ferocious as a tiger!

    Zi Qian Jing sat before them as they chatted. He didn't care about Ye Wu Chen's gaze as he used a chopstick to place a lotus root from his Liquorice Lotus Root Tea dish into Mu Ru Yue's bowl.

    "Have a try. My cooking skills aren't bad."

    To be honest, Mu Ru Yue was slightly flabbergasted as this was the first time Zi Qian Jing cooked since they first met.

    "This taste..." When she placed the lotus into her mouth, she was stunned for a while before she said to Ye Wu Chen, "Wu Chen, this taste is similar to the ones you made..."

    When she raised her head to speak, she was stunned again.

    Ye Wu Chen and Zi Qian Jing were similarly taking out the licorice root carefully from the sweet and sour lotus. Their actions were exactly the same.

    Mu Ru Yue hadn't discovered it before but now she felt that the two men's appearances were incredibly similar, especially their brows and eyes. They were identical.

    "Wu Chen, do you have a biological brother?" Mu Ru Yue frowned and still voiced her doubts in the end.

    'How can they be so similar if they aren't blood brothers?'

    "No." Ye Wu Chen shook his head and smiled saying, "I don't have any siblings."

    "It is probably my misunderstanding."

    Mu Ru Yue's eyes still expressed curiosity. That King Nan An and wife couple had passed sixteen years ago so it would be impossible for Zi Qian Jing to be their son...
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