Chapter 393 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 1

    Chapter 393 - Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 1

    'Xiao Feng!'

    That name was like a heavy hammer that struck Mu Ru Yue's heart. Her expression finally changed, and even her breathing hastened.

    "Who did you say? Xiao Feng? Do you know where he is?"

    The girl expressed excitement from eyes that were usually like calm lake water as she stared at the old man before her.

    'Eldest brother separated from Ye Wu Chen once they entered the Central Region. How could it not worry people when his current cultivation was so low. How could Mu Ru Yue's heart not be stirred when she finally got a hint of his location...'

    "That brat Xiao Feng really suits my taste. I've already taken him in as my disciple. He is currently within the Xiao family. Hehe! His condition to enter the Xiao family was to help him to seek a person..."

    The Xiao family in the Central Region and the Xiao family in the Sheng Domain had heaven and earth differences. The entire Sheng Domain couldn't match up to the strength of the Xiao family in the Central Region...

    Mu Ru Yue's expression darkened gradually as she asked, "Are you referring to that Xiao family that chased Ancestor Xiao Yun out?"

    Perhaps it was due to having a relationship with Xiao Yun, leading to Mu Ru Yue not to have any inkling of good feelings toward the Xiao family of the Central Region. It was too difficult for her to have any good impression of that family if they worshiped a talent, only to abandon him once he was reduced to a trash that couldn't cultivate further from being set up.

    Perhaps Xiao Bai Xuan could feel Mu Ru Yue's displeasure toward the Xiao family but he knew the reason why without her telling. He himself was a member of the Xiao family and greatly disdained the actions of those ancestors.

    "Little girl, I know what you are thinking. It is probably due to Xiao Yun being chased out by the Xiao family of the Central Region. But I can tell you this; not all Xiao family members are like them. I was too young when that happened and didn't have any authority behind my words, so I couldn't do anything about that. But I clearly know that the reason for him being chased out was due to selfishness."

    "Selfishness? What do you mean?"

    "It is jealousy." Xiao Bai Xuan smiled coldly and continued, "Little girl, you should be able to feel the power of the Central Region once you entered it. There are numerous Xiantian experts in our Central Region. Similarly, there are countless young Xiantians. But what about Xiantian Full Circle realms? Don't think that the Xiantian Full Circle realm is only a grade higher than a High Rank Xiantian. The differences between them is like heaven and earth. I will give you an example. Even if there were a hundred Xiantian experts, they wouldn't be able to defeat an expert at Xiantian Full Circle realm. It wasn't a difference in ability, but a difference in realm. Moreover, an expert at the Xiantian Full Circle realm is the closest practitioner to the Mystic realm."


    Mu Ru Yue's brows rose as this was her first time hearing such a grade.

    "Little girl, I don't know if you had heard of the Mystic realm before. Actually, the martial grades have four stages. They are Heaven, Earth, Mystic and Yellow realms respectively. The Yellow realm comprises of all martial practitioners from the First Stage Martial practitioner to the Xiantian Full Circle realm. It is only the most basic realm of cultivation in this continent. There are also the Mystic, Earth and Heaven realms above the Yellow realm. Moreover, experts that reach the Mystic realm are already known as a genuine expert."

    Mu Ru Yue didn't say a word as she quietly looked at Xiao Bai Xuan.

    She felt that her sight was too shallow at this moment. Xiantian experts people in the Martial God continent that were revered were only a part of the most basic grade in the world...

    "Even if that was so, there aren't many experts at the Heaven, Earth and Mystic realms." Xiao Bai Xuan smiled lightly as he continued, "There was an expert who was at the Heaven realm in the Xiao family thousands of years ago. The Xiao family hadn't fallen even after that expert fell. There are currently a couple of Mystic realm practitioners in the family. The only Earth realm practitioner in the family had already entered closed door training for a thousand years. In this case, even if Xiao Yun was set up, he could have stood firmly in the Xiao family as an expert at the Xiantian Full Circle realm."


    From Main Author: To clarify, the Yellow realm are those practitioners who are from the First Stage Martial practitioner to the Xiantian Full Circle realm. The next three realms above the Yellow realm that didn't have any grade separations, such as Low, Mid or High to it, are the Mystic, Earth and Heaven Realm...
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