Chapter 396 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 4

    Chapter 396 - Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 4

    No matter if it was this charming man or the one that played the fool, they had both penetrated deeply into her heart. Therefore, she didn't hide anything from him...


    Inside a certain empty world.

    Xiao Bai's hands supported his cheeks as he sat on a stone chair at the summit of a mountain with moving clouds covering it. His watery eyes looked to the bottom of the mountain. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

    Suddenly, two ray of lights shot down behind him. Xiao Bai hastily turned around, and when he saw that peerless appearance adorned with smiles, he was instantly elated. He quickly stood up and leaped toward Mu Ru Yue.

    Yet, he was caught by a large hand before he managed to jump into Mu Ru Yue's embrace...

    "Bad guy, let go of Xiao Bai!" Xiao Bai struggled unceasingly in that large hand. He then looked grievingly and with large teary eyes at Mu Ru Yue as he whined, "Mother..."

    His grieved appearance looked as though he had just been bullied.

    "Wu Chen." Mu Ru Yue turned her head toward the man by her side.

    Ye Wu Chen immediately loosened his grip.


    Xiao Bai's body fell from his hand and his bum landed on the ground. Tears glimmered in Xiao Bai's large eyes as he glared with resentment at the man that was both charming and powerful like an Asura.

    Following that, it was a surprising scene...

    The Asura-like man looked toward Mu Ru Yue and with a voice more pitiful than Xiao Bai's, he said, "He wanted to molest you."

    "Xiao Bai is just a kid."

    "But my wife, he is older than the sum of our ages..."

    Mu Ru Yue was completely stunned. "How can you say that? If it is according to the lifespan of a divine dragon, Xiao Bai is just in his adolescence..."

    "But we are human."Ye Wu Chen's purple eyes were filled with grief, but Mu Ru Yue didn't notice as a flash of cunning light dwelled in his eyes. He then continued, "My wife, if you like kids, we can have one with our hard work. How about we continue our child-making plan?"

    He couldn't control himself well on their first night after reuniting, so he didn't touch her during the next two months. The heavens knew how bitter he was in restraining himself.

    "Your husband says that he won't be as out of control as last time. How about three times daily?"

    "One time!!"

    "Once a day?" Ye Wu Chen's brows rose as he said, "How can we carry out our child-making plan then? My wife, I promise that I will control myself in the future and not be too extreme like what I did that night..."

    The man's gaze became sorrowful as he said that.

    It was due to him restraining his desires for too long that he lost control after reuniting. Who knew that because of that it would make her apprehensive? Thus, he could only behave himself and hug his beloved wife. Who could understand this feeling?

    He would be driven mad if he continued to restrain himself.

    'No! I must start the child-making plan today...'

    "No?" Mu Ru Yue smiled, thinking nothing about that. "Then forget it."

    "Eh... Once... We will do it once."

    Ye Wu Chen hesitated for a while before he said that. It was better to be able to eat than to just watch...

    "Mother, where are you two going to play?" Xiao Bai climbed onto his feet and blinked his large eyes and continued, "Xiao Bai also want to play with you. Can I?"

    Ye Wu Chen's brow rose. That action made his Devil's Snare pattern look increasingly lively and charming. He looked at Xiao Bai's jade-like face as he said, "I am going to do something that only we can do. You go and play by yourself."

    Xiao Bai turned his head curiously toward him and commented, "What thing can only you two do? Mother, don't play with him. Let's play together, alright? Xiao Bai can also do anything he can and can play with mother."
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