Chapter 409 – Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 1

    Chapter 409 - Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 1

    When she knew Lan Xin had failed, Lan Yue didn't wait for Feng Jing Tian to come knocking on her door and simply left. She even abandoned her biological parents so that she would be able to survive.

    If she could even abandon her parents to survive, then what couldn't she do? It was laughable that nobody had discovered her true personality.

    She similarly managed to be the hidden background master this time around and pushed Qi Rong out to be her shield. If it wasn't for Feng Jing Tian notifying her, Mu Ru Yue wouldn't have ever guessed that she was the one pulling the strings...

    "Lan Yue? She was Feng Jing Tian's fiancee?" Ye Wu Chen frowned slightly as he continued doubtful, "She shouldn't be that powerful from how you described it all previously..."

    "Wu Chen, there are times when a negligible small fry can suddenly become a ferocious lion. Nothing is ever fixed. Weren't I the same? This world is full of possibilities so we can't be careless."

    The previous Mu Ru Yue was a trash. Her fiance betrayed her before they even wed and her family abandoned her... But how was the current her now?

    Thus, she clearly understood that once a trash stumbled across a chance, they could become a genius in the blink of an eye.

    "But it suffices to know who was playing behind the scenes." Mu Ru Yue sniggered. "If I hadn't guessed wrong, Lan Yue must be in the Academy."

    No matter what sinister plots she threw out in the future, Mu Ru Yue definitely wouldn't let them succeed! This was especially so toward a woman that plotted against her husband!


    Red robes flashed inside a dense forests. Feng Jing Tian flew from the sky and landed on the ground. Perspiration flowed down his enchanter-like face, emitting a glittering glow under the sunset.

    Suddenly, he felt a familiar aura behind him. He turned around to see a girl before him. With pupils contracted slightly, he exclaimed, "Lan Yue!"

    He would never be able to forget that face.

    It was she who had killed several people of the Feng family, including causing the spirit of the ancestor he respected the most since young to dissipate...

    Feng Jing Tian closed his eyes lightly. The scenes that happened that day flashed in his mind. He then opened his eyes. A bloodthirsty light flashed in his scarlet eyes.

    "Feng Jing Tian, I didn't expect you would fall into such a state. You are already becoming a devil. You will soon lose your humanity and change into a devil that massacres people mindlessly. I don't know if it was what I did that day that stimulated you to activating the dormant demonic attribute in you." Lan Yue smiled and walked toward him. With her blue dress fluttering in the wind, it made her smile look increasingly gentle. She then continued, "Mister Feng, only I would be able to help you now..."

    Feng Jing Tian smiled. With a bloodthirsty smile, he proclaimed, "Lan Yue, even if I, Feng Jing Tian, dies, I will never accept your help! I disliked you from the start. Currently, my dislike toward you has intensified. You aren't comparable to a single strand of hair on Mu Ru Yue's body!"

    Lan Yue's gaze darkened. "Even if she is married?"


    Lan Yue's heart instantly sank to the bottom of the valley after seeing the man part his lips slightly to say that word. She could no longer hide her jealousy and anger...

    'Feng Jing Tian, she must die then! There will be a day when I will devour her soul and take her place! That day isn't far. I'm just lacking an item. Once I obtain it, it will be her death day...'

    Lan Yue smiled gently. Her smile was as soothing to people's eyes as usual, but her thoughts were incredibly ruthless...
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