Chapter 416 – Forced Marriage Part 2

    Chapter 416 - Forced Marriage Part 2

    Dong Fei Ran was so enraged that his body shuddered. His expression turned ashen. He suppressed his anger and asked in a heavy tone, "Wu Chen, don't you think your wife is too much? My daughter is a maiden, yet she was insulted by saying she is a courtesan. How is my daughter going to marry now? You must take responsibility for my daughter due to this matter!"

    He was frustrated at having no chance in marrying his daughter to the man, so now that there was a perfect chance, how could he give it up?

    On this continent, a girl's reputation was severely important. If she were to be humiliated to such an extent, then the man must give some kind of compensation.

    "Responsible? What should I be responsible of?" Ye Wu Chen's slender finger touched the rim of his teacup. He chuckled, but there wasn't any warmth in his smile. His demeanour was sinister and cold, as though he had just arrived from hell as he commented, "You were the one that said her appearance able to enamour the world. Aren't you describing your daughter as a courtesan? It was highly inappropriate for you to use 'enamour' to describe her appearance."

    Dong Fei Ran's eyes darkened.

    'It seems it won't be easy to hook onto Ye Wu Chen. I must come up with other plans...'

    "Daddy, who are they?" Dong Ling Er's gaze shifted to Ye Wu Chen. Her eyes gave off a naive light, as though she didn't know about the affairs of the world.

    "This mister is Ye Wu Chen." Dong Fei Ran then sighed and continued to introduce, "And this is his wife..."

    Dong Ling Er blinked her large eyes. She had an adorable smile on her refined face. When she smiled, it exposed two of her canine tooth which made her appearance look increasingly bright and beautiful.

    "You are Ye Wu Chen, the one who has been rumoured around a lot recently? You said I am a courtesan? What is a courtesan? Are you praising that I look really pretty?"


    When the guests heard that, they all tried their best to suppress their laughter. They didn't know if Dong Ling Er was really that naive and innocent or if she were pretending. If she was, then she was a great actress...

    "Ye Wu Chen, you look really handsome. Can I call you elder brother Wu Chen?" Dong Ling Er didn't see that the man's expression had darkened as she giggled innocently.

    Ye Wu Chen clenched his fist as his handsome face turned ashen. He couldn't help but yell out in fury, "Scram!"

    That word 'scram' made Dong Ling Er stunned. With glistening tears in her eyes, she bit her lip and looked pitifully at Ye Wu Chen.


    Dong Ling Er suddenly dashed toward Dong Fei Ran and leaped up into his embrace as she said, sobbing, "Daddy, he yelled at me..."

    "Don't cry, Ling Er. Daddy will avenge you in a bit." Dong Fei Ran patted Dong Ling Er's shoulder as he consoled her as though no one was around, "What's yours will be yours. Don't worry. Daddy won't let you down."

    Dong Fei Ran heaved a sigh of relief after saying that. It seemed his daughter still had good feelings for Ye Wu Chen. He was relieved then. He thought that in the end, if his daughter was unwilling to marry Ye Wu Chen, then he couldn't force her.

    Dong Ling Er nodded slightly as she turned her head toward Ye Wu Chen as she curled up into Dong Fei Ran's embrace.

    'That elder brother was so gentle just before. Why is he so fierce toward me? I really don't know what I did so wrong that it would make him so furious...'

    Ye Wu Chen didn't give her another look and just turned toward Mu Ru Yue. With gentleness in his purple eyes, he offered, "Mu Er, the tea is cold. I will help you change for another cup in a while."


    "Mu Er, you should be tired after the last few days. Do you want me to massage your leg?" Ye Wu Chen's large hand landed on her leg as he gently massaged it and asked, "Is my strength alright?"
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