Chapter 422 – Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 4

    Chapter 422- Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 4

    "Lady Lan Yue, it is me."

    Qi Rong's elderly voice was heard.

    Lan Yue fixed her bearing before she said calmly, "Come in."


    The door was pushed open and an embroidered gown came in from outside. Following that, Qi Rong's elderly face entered Lan Yue's blue eyes.

    Seeing Qi Rong who had suddenly appeared, Lan Yue was slightly annoyed but didn't express it. "Qi Rong, it is perfect that you came. I've a matter that I need your help with."

    "What is it?" Qi Rong frowned and looked curiously at her.

    "It's like this. Due to my rebirth, it led to my mental power being not as great as before. You should know that I hadn't stopped my martial training, but I am still unable to refine pills. But there is a way for me to recover my mental powers."

    Qi Rong's breath tightened as she looked jubilantly at Lan Yue. At this moment, she tossed the questions she wanted to ask to the back of her mind. She then asked anxiously, "What's the method?"

    Hadn't she waited so many days for this moment? Once Lan Yue's powers recovered, it would definitely be good to the academy.

    "I am still missing an item." Glimmers danced in Lan Yue eyes before she said with a smile.

    Qi Rong chuckled. "Lady Lan Yue, you just need to tell me what you need. If I can help with it, I will definitely assist with all my might."

    "Actually, it isn't much. I'm just missing a soul and that soul is within the academy. Hence, I am wondering if Senior Qi Rong can gather all the disciples of the manor tomorrow."


    Qi Rong looked shocked at Lan Yue. "Lady Lan Yue, what do you mean by that..."

    "In order to replenish my mental powers, I must start from the soul. Senior Qi Rong, don't worry, I won't give trouble to your academy. I just need to insert an animal's spirit into her body after absorbing her soul. Who would be able to see that? Senior Qi Rong knows how to weigh the odds and should be clear that once I succeed, I might be able to give senior a Mundane Stage Peak Rank pill."

    It was incredibly tempting to Qi Rong to obtain a Mundane Stage Peak Rank pill!

    She hardened her heart and said, "Lady Lan Yue, you just have to choose tomorrow. I will send the chosen person to you then."

    Perhaps Qi Rong previously played by the academy's rules, but greed was everyone's illness. People could do crazy things for benefits.

    "Alright, I will need a couple of Xiantian High Rank experts to protect me while I do that. Senior can just pick them from some of the elders of the academy. You musn't leak this plan out to anyone."

    Lan Yue sniggered.

    'Mu Ru Yue, your death day is nearing. I wonder what kind of expression Feng Jing Tian will have once I devour your soul.

    'I am really looking forward to that day...'


    In the Academy's public square.

    Several disciples were looking at each other. They were clueless as to why they were gathered. They then looked curiously at the stage and discussed quietly amongst themselves.

    "Wu Chen."

    Mu Ru Yue clearly felt that the aura of the man beside her was gradually increasing. With a slight rise of her eyebrows, she held his hand gently before turning her gaze to the blue figure on the stage.

    'Lan Yue!

    'She is finally using her own body this time. But Lan Yue seemed to have use some kind of external force to increase her strength so she can't continue to break through. She will probably stay at the Xiantian Full Circle realm her entire life...'

    Mu Ru Yue smirked as a dark light flashed in her eyes. She wouldn't give her any more chances of escape.

    Qi Rong coughed to clear her throat before she announced, "Everyone, I gathered you today for a matter. I hope that everyone can remain silent as you hear what I say."
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