Chapter 430 – Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 3

    Chapter 430 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 3

    "Lan Yue, you lied to me?"

    This woman dared to lie and use her!

    She gradually closed her eyes as her heart shuddered profusely.

    Who could have imagined the elation she felt when she found 'Senior Yue'? But now? Everything she had done was just a big joke.


    Suddenly, Qi Rong raised her head and laughed. Her smile was filled with anger and killing intent, but more importantly, regret...

    She already had a falling out with Luo Yin for Lan Yue, but she turned out to be an imposter. What could be more tragic than this?

    Hui Ying looked emotionlessly at Lan Yue. With a trace of killing intent in his eyes, he gradually lifted his hand.


    A power shot out and landed on the jade ring on Lan Yue's finger.


    The jade ring shattered into smithereens under the power. Suddenly, a long sword soared to the sky and stood before the crowd...

    The long sword as completely red. An enormous flaming dragon pattern spread from the tip of the sword to the handle. As the long dragon moved, a faint red glow was emitted from the dragon's body. It gradually set the entire sword ablaze, giving off a red light before the crowd's gazes.

    The long sword stayed in the sky, as though it was a mighty monarch looking down on the people in the world.

    When Mu Ru Yue saw this sword, a strange nostalgic feeling surged from her heart. It was as though they knew each other.

    "Damn it!"

    Lan Yue's expression changed drastically and she kicked off her toe to grip the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword. When she was about to touch it, the sword dodged her as though it disdained her.


    The Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword cried out.


    It charged toward Mu Ru Yue.

    A gale rose.

    With the red light shone on the girl's face, it enhanced her beauty. Her hair danced in the gale. She looked like a captivating demoness that instills fear.

    When the white robe and red light fused together, she looked peerless devastatingly beautiful.

    The crowd was stunned as they looked amazed at the peerless beauty figure under the light of the fire. At that moment, everyone thought they were looking at that peerless expert from thousands of years ago.

    She wasn't like Lan Yue who tried to pretend to be Senior Yue. She had an expert's grandeur that came from within her. This grandeur made everyone astonished...

    The girl's power wasn't strong at that moment, but nobody would dare call her weak.

    She might not be powerful now, but one day, she would reach the pinnacle of the world...


    A tyrannical power infiltrated Mu Ru Yue's mind. She instantly felt as though she were about to explode. With her pale face and white robes fluttering in the gale, the sight was breathtaking.


    Qi Rong's expression changed as she exclaimed, "This is impossible. The Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword contracted with her! How can this happen?!"

    When Lan Yue possessed the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword, Qi Rong knew that the sword didn't recognize Lan Yue as its master. Furthermore, Lan Yue explained that it was due to her mental powers being insufficient.

    She foolishly believed her...

    Currently, the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword contracted with the other girl instead? The girl, Mu Ru Yue, who she was sure to be the imposter? She had even wanted to extract her soul for Lan Yue so that Lan Yue could increase her powers...

    Qi Rong thought about something and her elderly body shuddered. Her eyes gradually widened as astonishment and despair filled it.

    "Coincidence... It's just a coincidence."

    Qi Rong could only console herself by saying that now as the outcome would be undesirable...
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