Chapter 453 – Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 2

    Chapter 453 -Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 2

    Just as Mu Ru Yue wanted to say something, an angered voice was heard.

    "What can such a young girl do?"

    An elderly figure barged in from outside.

    The elder glared furiously at Mu Ru Yue. He then snorted coldly, "You said you can treat the Fourth... Fourth young master?"

    Mu Ru Yue's brows rose. "I didn't say I am completely confident. I am only 80 percent certain I can treat him."

    "Haha!" The elder laughed. He then looked toward Xuan Yuan, "Lord, this girl is too young so she may be too confident in her capabilities. Aren't there several youths like her? You are only pushing the Fourth young master to his death by believing in her. I already have a solution in treating the Fourth young master. There isn't a need to let her treat him.

    Xuan Yuan was stunned before he rejoiced. "Great master Wu Shan, is what you said the truth? You have a way in treating him?"

    "That's right." Wu Shan nodded. With arrogance, he said, "I've successfully refined a pill. Once the Fourth Prince consumes it, he will recover."

    Once he said that, he opened his palm and a pill was seen in his hand.

    The instant Xuan Yuan saw the pill, his pupils lit up. His breath tightened as he said jubilantly, "Great master Wu Shan, can this pill really cure the Corpse Worm Poison?"

    Wu Shan nodded as he said complacently, "I had browsed through several books and found an antidote. Lord, quickly let the Fourth young master consume it. He may recover instantly."

    "Good! Good!"

    Xuan Yuan nodded excitedly. His expression brimmed with joy. Yet at this moment, a wet blanket of words was heard. "If he consumes that pill, he will immediately die."

    Wu Shan's expression stiffened with anger burning in his eyes. Even Xuan Yun frowned in displeasure.

    This girl really didn't know the situation. How could the pill refined by Great master Wu Shan be wrong? He had overestimated her...

    "You said my Dissolving Bone Pill is a poison?" Wu Shan laughed from his fury as he said coldly, "Little girl, I found this solution in an ancient book. I had spend lots of time in the research. Moreover, I tried the pill on human bodies. How dare you vilify me?"

    'How can I give the pill to the Fourth Prince when I wasn't certain?'

    Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly. If it wasn't for the Corpse Worm Poison, she wouldn't even care about this. It was just that the poison was too important to her. Otherwise, why would she care about the life or death of that man?

    "The solution in the ancient book is right. It is a pity that your alchemy standard is not sufficient enough. Two of the medicinal plants had been added in the wrong sequence. As for the other medicinal plants, its medicinal effect had been lowered due to the wrong sequence in adding the ingredients. Thus, this pill is a fatal poison!"

    Wu Shan's expression turned ashen. He was a Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist. This girl said that my alchemy level wasn't sufficient?

    "This lady." Xuan Yuan frowned as he said, displeased, "I am really thankful for you in coming here for my son. I know you are unhappy due to this, but Great Master Wu Shan is a Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist. He definitely won't make any mistakes. I will still compensate the lady and won't mistreat you."

    Mu Ru Yue didn't continue her act any further. She just smiled and replied, "Then don't blame me for not reminding you to prepare the fresh blood of a Flame Wolf when he consumes that pill. If not, it will be too late for regret."
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