Chapter 454 – Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 3

    Chapter 454 -Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 3

    Wu Shan snorted coldly. "This lady, you can relax. Nothing will happen to the Fourth young master. On the other hand, if it is your pill, his life will be in grave danger instead. There is no need for the lady to be here. Please return."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled, but didn't speak further and left.

    Seeing the departing white robed figure, slight guilt appeared in Xuan Yuan's eyes. They were the ones that invited her here only to chase her away right after...

    "Chen Fan, help me prepare some gifts and send it to the Xiao family as a compensation for the wasted trip in coming here. Since she is an alchemist, decide on gifts with regards to medicinal plants."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Chen Fan cupped his hands before he turned around and left the room...


    "Little girl, you are just letting it go?"

    Yan Jin's voice was heard from within her soul once she left the residence.

    Mu Ru Yue's brows rose as she replied with a fake smile, "Don't fret. They will invite me back as soon as that pill won't be able to cure him. But if they didn't listen to my advice, we will have to search for more Corpse Worm Poison..."

    Since they wanted to chase her away, should she continue to insist on staying here with a thick face?

    Sorry but she, Mu Ru Yue, couldn't do that.


    In the tranquil Xiao family, the soothing autumn wind blew, making the maple leaves descend slowly.

    When Mu Ru Yue returned to the Xiao family, she just cultivated. It was obscure if it were due to the child in her womb as her cultivation rate was actually faster than before...

    However, an angered shout was heard that broke the peace of the Xiao family.

    "Bastards of the Xiao family, scram out!!!"

    The Third Master of the Xiao family, who was in bed with his concubine, was startled and he rolled off the bed because of that shout. He hastily put on his clothes and dashed out.

    Inside the courtyard, a middle-aged man stood there with anger on his face. There was a bunch of subordinates carrying weapons behind him and they glared ferociously at the Third Master of the Xiao family who was walking briskly over.

    "Yo~ I thought about who it could be." The Third Master of the Xiao family cupped his fist in smile as he greeted, "Head of the Yan family, long time no see."


    A large fist came over and sent the Third Master of the Xiao family flying.

    The Third Master of the Xiao family was stupefied as he cupped the place he was punched and pointed furiously at Yan Fei. "Head of the Yan family, you shouldn't make moves on polite people. You... you actually punched me?"

    "That's right, I punched you!"

    Yan Fei's brows ticked up and with blazing flames of fury in his eyes, he proclaimed, "I will not only beat you, I will eradicate your Xiao family. Everyone, go over and mercilessly trash this place! You mother**ers, if this old man fails to eradicate you, I will write this old man's name backwards!"

    At this instant, the people of the Yan family crowded over and started fighting with the people of the Xiao family.

    Seeing the expensive trees and grasses that he had bought being ruined, the Third Master of the Xiao family's heart ached and his face distorted.

    "Yan Fei, you dare to trash my Xiao family? Alright, very good. Someone, quickly invite all of the elders over. I can't fight with you myself, but our Xiao family has the advantage of numbers. Even if you try your best, you won't be able to deal with all of us."

    Yan Fei laughed coldly, not believing him. "Third dog of the Xiao family, my Yan family is being favoured by the royals. What about your Xiao family? Moreover, we are under the shelter of the Second Prince. With the Second Prince's protection, why should we fear your Xiao family?"

    The Third Master of the Xiao family's expression changed.

    What Yan Fei said was right. The Yan family had the Second Prince as their backing, but the Xiao family wasn't backed up by anyone...
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