Chapter 465 – Power’s Initiation Plan Part 8

    Chapter 465 -Power's Initiation Plan Part 8

    'That stinky brat Xiao Feng is going to have a marriage alliance with the Yao family? Why do such good things land on that stinky brat? What dog ** did he walk on?'

    The Third Master of the Xiao family's felt as though his heart was being devoured by ants in his jealousy. He didn't know what was worth fancying on that stinky brat by the Yao family.

    It was even so when the marriage partner was the young mistress of the Yao family.

    "That's right, where is Xiao Feng?" Yao Jing frowned as he asked indifferently.

    "He went out and has not return. When he returns, I will tell him about this. That brat will definitely be elated that he will die and revive again."

    He subconsciously snorted coldly when he said that as what he really wanted to do was to beat that stinky brat to a pulp.

    "Alright. Young mistress Tian Yu and I will be bidding our farewells first." Yao Jing stood up with smiles as he looked at the girl beside him and said, "Young mistress, let's head back to the inn first and return the next day."

    Yao Tian Yu nodded slightly as she stood up elegantly. When she walked out of the Xiao family, she knitted her delicate brows as she looked toward Yao Jing who was by her side and asked, "Why must I marry a man that I hadn't even met? It is not like our Yao family doesn't have a Xiantian Full Circle at around twenty three or twenty four years of age. Can this be due to grandfather and the rest that couldn't stand the humiliation they felt two generations before?"

    Yao Jing smiled and explained, "Young mistress, Xiao Feng is indeed a Xiantian Full Circle expert, but don't forget where he grew up at. In the Central Region, there is a natural spirit vein so it is natural that there are many talents. However, Xiao Feng came from outside it. This fact shouldn't be overlooked."

    Yao Tian Yu pondered.

    'What Yao Jing said isn't illogical. Perhaps Xiao Feng's talent isn't inferior to Xiao Yun's as he could break through so fast outside the Central Region...'

    "Young mistress, our status in the Yao family as its branch family isn't high. If we were to have a talent like him, our power will increase drastically. Didn't you see that person of the Xiao family being so respectful to us? This is treatment that we won't get from the main branch of the Yao family. Thus, only with power can we stand at the top and look down on those people."

    Yao Tian Yu pondered for a while before she nodded and asked, "I understand what you are trying to say, but what if Xiao Feng disagrees? If I am in his shoes, I definitely won't agree in marrying a girl that I hadn't met."

    "Young mistress, you are overthinking things." Yao Jing chuckled and continued, "Every man is realistic. Even though young mistress is someone of the branch family, you are still a bonafide person of the Yao family. Didn't you see how other people outside the family respected us? Even if we were to get into a fight, the Yao family will definitely stand on our side. If he marries you, his status will rise drastically. Which man won't want to climb up the ladder of success?"

    Yao Tian Yu frowned slightly.

    'Can that really be the case? If it really is, why did Xiao Yun reject such a good matter that year? But I really am interested in that descendant of Xiao Yun.'

    "Yao Jing, let's go. We will meet with Xiao Feng tomorrow. I don't know how he compares to Xiao Yun from that year? That's right, does he knows about what happened that year?"

    If he knew about what happened to Senior Xiao Yun, he definitely wouldn't agree to marry into the Yao family. Even though she didn't have much feelings for a man she hadn't met before, so what if she sacrificed herself for her family?

    "The people that know about what happened then are negligible. I will make the Royal family keep their mouth shut and those old fellows of the Xiao family love their lives and are scared to die so they won't say it. Young mistress, don't worry. Xiao Feng will certainly become the son-in-law of the Yao family!"

    Yao Jing smiled as he said that full of confidence...
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