Chapter 480 – Failure Of The Plot Part 5

    Chapter 480 - Failure Of The Plot Part 5

    "Sister, what's wrong?"

    Xiao Feng felt a sudden release in aura from the girl beside him. He couldn't help but be alarmed. He swept a gaze to look at her, expressing concern with his cold eyes.

    Mu Ru Yue shook her head. "Nothing. I just suddenly felt uneasy. I should be overthinking it. Elder brother, you really want to head back to the Xiao family by yourself?"

    Mu Ru Yue didn't have any more reason to stay at the Xiao family after knowing the main culprits that led to the fall of Xiao Yun, and the Xiao family naturally wanted them to head back.

    So it was unknown why the Third Master of the Xiao family invited Xiao Feng back to the family in the name of Xiao Bai Xuan... "Don't worry." Xiao Feng dotingly patted Mu Ru Yue's head. "I have reached the Mystic realm now. Nobody but those elders behind closed doors can be my opponent."

    Mu Ru Yue still felt uneasy even if that was the case.

    What was the Xiao family plotting for inviting elder brother?

    "The Pill Tower has already stabilized lately so we don't need to fear the Xiao family as much. Moreover, there are the alchemists and martial practitioners that have joined the Pill Tower. No matter how powerful the Xiao family is, it still won't be able to go against the many alchemists of this continent."

    Those words were facts, but being wary wasn't a bad thing either...

    "Elder brother, I want to head back with you."

    "No need. Sister, you just have to wait for me at the Pill Tower." Xiao Feng smiled and patted the back of Mu Ru Yue's head before he turned around and left.


    In the main hall of the Xiao family, the Third Master of the Xiao family was a little anxious as he frequently tossed a gaze to the entrance. When he saw the arriving man, his eyes lit up.

    "Where is the head of the family?" Xiao Feng didn't waste time as he directly went to the main topic.

    The Third Master of the Xiao family coughed drily before he said, "There is no hurry. Xiao feng, take a seat first. Someone, serve him some tea!"

    Xiao Feng frowned but still sat down and took the tea from the maid.

    When he held the teacup, the Third Master of the Xiao family purposely didn't look at his cup so Xiao Feng didn't feel that there was something wrong with the tea...

    If the Third Master of the Xiao family was to stare at his cup, perhaps Xiao Feng would notice that there was something wrong with the tea.

    The Third Master of the Xiao family became jubilant after he saw the man raise his head and down the tea. He then hastily signaled the man at the side.

    The man took the order and instantly withdrew...


    The teacup in the man's hand slipped down to the ground from Xiao Feng's loosened grip, shattering into pieces.

    The Third Master of the Xiao family chuckled and ordered, "Somebody, escort him to rest."

    "Yes, master!"


    A yellow dressed girl was led by a male servant and walked down a winding small trail inside a quiet courtyard. A trace of curiosity was gradually expressed on her elegant and impeccable face.

    "Where are you bringing me to?"

    "Young mistress Tian Yu, Mister Xiao Feng is waiting for you. I am bringing you to meet him."

    Yao Tian Yu frowned slightly after hearing that but didn't think much about it.

    A room door was pushed open and once Yao Tian Yu entered it...


    The door was slammed shut again...

    She frowned and looked at the man on the bed.

    The man's handsome face was blazing red and his eyes were unfocused. His slightly opened robe revealed a strong and healthy chest. He seemed to smell the fragrance coming toward him, making his heart pound even more vigorously.

    Yao Tian Yu didn't seem to hear his voice. Her gaze landed on the man's carving-like handsome face and asked with raised brows, "You are Xiao Feng. It seems you have consumed aphrodisiac. I just don't know if is this with intent or not? Perhaps this is your plot?"

    In Yao Tian Yu's point of view, she didn't think the Xiao family was that gutsy to drug Xiao Feng and hurt her. But why would Xiao Feng do this?
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