Chapter 518 – Return To The Central Region Part 2

    Chapter 518 -Return To The Central Region Part 2

    Ji Ru Ya glanced subconsciously at the small protrusion at her belly. With tears in her beautiful eyes, she declared, "He will understand us. Cousin, I definitely can't live by myself if you were to die."

    The man's heart shuddered as he closed his eyes with despair.

    This was the first time he loathed himself to such an extent. He hated his uselessness as he would never be able to protect his beloved girl. This was the case in the past and similarly now...

    "Escape? Haha! You think you can escape from our hands? Brothers, go and capture that woman for our entertainment. As for the man, just kill him!"

    The fatty laughed as he said that. He then swallowed his saliva as his sinister gaze focused on Ji Ru Ya's beautiful face before he continued, "Hehe! Lady, don't worry. This Brother will fill you with desire your entire life, making you unable to ever forget the experience. I will definitely be much better than that skinny guy by your side."

    Actually, the man couldn't be counted as skinny. He was of an average size. However, he looked much skinnier when compared to the fatty...

    Ji Ru Ya's complexion turned pale-white as she looked terrified at the men nearing her.


    She then shrieked and pounced over to her man as she saw the guy swinging his sword toward her man. Her action showed she wanted to protect him with her body...

    "Ya Er!"

    The man's complexion was gravely white. The fear in his eyes slowly faded as despair replaced it.

    'Ya Er, why must you be so silly... I will never want you to lose your life to save me even if it means my death...'

    Ji Ru Ya closed her eyes as the sword was about to land on her head. With a smile, she said, "Cousin, I don't have any regrets in my life after meeting, loving, and marrying you."

    The happiest moments in her life had been after she left the palace. It was sufficient for her to enjoy his love...


    A groan was suddenly heard.

    The anticipated pain didn't come, making Ji Ru Ya's body shudder as she opened her eyes slowly...

    White robes fluttered in the wind before her, giving off a slight radiance beneath the sunlight. The girl's body was slender and perfect as her loosely flowing hair caressed her face. This girl was definitely a peerless beauty just from the view of her back.

    Ji Ru Ya actually feared death and was extremely terrified. Hence, she felt elated from being able to keep her life as she looked dazedly at the girl before her.

    'Who is she? Why has she helped me?'

    "Ya Er!" The man finally climbed up from the ground as he lifted his arms to pull Ji Ru Ya into his embrace. Ji Ru Ya could still feel her heart pounding at this moment as she lay in his embrace.

    "Ya Er, don't you know I was incredibly horrified? Please don't ever do such a dangerous act in the future!"

    The man tightly embraced the girl. His voice quivered from the elation of getting back his nearly-lost most precious girl.

    Heavens knew it would be meaningless for him to continue living after he lost her...

    "Who are you?" Ji Ru Ya continued to look dazedly at the back of this girl before her, suspicions filling her pretty eyes. It was unknown why she felt such familiarity from the girl before her...

    The white robed girl finally turned her head. An astonishing appearance instantly entered Ji Ru Ya's eyes at that moment.

    Ji Ru Ya widened her eyes from shock as she asked, flabbergasted, "Mu Ru Yue, is that really you?"

    The white robed girl before her went through a drastic change after their few years of separation, especially her grandeur. She could definitely use the description 'profoundly mysterious' to describe her...

    "Imperial Consort Ya, it has been ages since we last met. It seems that you two are doing well."

    Ji Ru Ya smiled bitterly. "Lady Mu, please stop teasing me. I am no longer the Imperial Consort for a long time already. I am only my cousin's wife now. I had already let go of everything that had happened in the past. I just want to be loved mutually with my cousin until we grow old. Who knew..."
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