Chapter 529 – Powerful Foes’ Arrival Part 3

    Chapter 529 -Powerful Foes' Arrival Part 3

    The girl's brows creased after she heard the voice from behind her. When she turned around to focus at the couple figures nearing, her gaze landed on a man with a pair of purple eyes.

    It was undeniable that the man was handsome and charming. A faint killing intent encased his noble purple robes, but it didn't in the slightest affect the man's elegant and noble grandeur.

    "You are Ye Wu Chen?" The girl silently surveyed the incoming man. Her eyes, however, stayed calm without a single ripple from the start.

    It was indisputable that he indeed was really handsome. It was a pity that he was a cheater....

    She shifted her gaze to the peerless beauty by his side without waiting for the man to reply with a slight frown. It was now no longer a wonder how she could easily snatch someone's fiancee. That kind of appearance would have the qualification.

    "Ye Wu Chen, our young master requests for your audience!"

    The elegant girl raised her gazes slightly as she said that indifferently.

    Ye Wu Chen frowned slightly before relaxing his brows as he replied glacially, "I'm sorry but I don't know who your young master is and so, I won't go with you."


    The girl snorted coldly. She continued with the full release of her grandeur, "You must come with us no matter if you are willing or not!"

    It was obscure to her as to how her young master was so caught up with this cheating bastard.

    The girl by his side wasn't any good either as she obviously knew that the man had a fiancee and still seduced him. If it wasn't for the rule of the sect that forbade their disciples from casually attacking ordinary people under the Mystic realm, she would definitely not have let this kind of woman go scot-free!

    Ye Wu Chen moved in a flash to move before Mu Ru Yue to protect her.

    Seeing his protective action, it fueled the fury in the girl's heart. She narrowed her eyes with cold ray of lights in her eyes. This man abandoned his old lover for a new one and even dared to protect his new lover before them.

    Even though the young master was an illegitimate daughter of the head of the sect and was just recently brought back into the sect, she was still their young master representing their entire sect.

    It was especially the case for being the only daughter of the head of the sect...

    "Wu Chen."

    Mu Ru Yue held Ye Wu Chen's hand gently. She then shook her head in smiles and consoled, "I'm fine. You don't have to worry..."


    Her gaze landed on the girl's water lily-like body with a trace of peculiar ray of light that flashed past her eyes.

    'This girl has come for Wu Chen?

    'The only person that is trying to snatch my husband in this world is Nangong Zi Feng. But seeing the current situation, the girl before them proves not to be Nangong Zi Feng.

    'What is her motive then and who is the young master that she is referring to?'

    Ye Wu Chen's gaze darkened slightly.


    With traces of aura expanded from his body, the girl's grandeur vanished.

    "True realm?"

    The girl's expression changed suddenly.

    'This man is unexpectedly a True realm expert? However, there are ten of them against one of him.'

    "Wait for me."

    Ye Wu Chen's gentle voice brushed past Mu Ru Yue's ear, making her heart to shudder slightly. His purple robes then soared to the sky and landed before the girl in a blink of an eye without waiting for Mu Ru Yue's reply.

    He gently raised his hand, instantly making a purple sword to appear in his hand. The sword emanated a faint purple glow that was identical to his purple robe.

    Mu Ru Yue became anxious. She had never felt this helpless at this moment.

    She never slacked off in her cultivation since her rebirth. Nevertheless, she was still this useless at this instant. She could only watch on as Ye Wu Chen resisted against strong foes, unable to assist him....

    "You are already doing your best."
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