Chapter 531 – Powerful Foes’ Arrival Part 5

    Chapter 531  -Powerful Foes' Arrival Part 5

    Blood flowed out from the man's chest, dripping and seeping into the ground before him. As time passed, the amount of blood flowed increased.

    At this instant, his charming face was gravely white. His weakened aura made Mu Ru Yue's heart shuddered in pain.

    "Wu Chen..."

    She called out her man's name gently. Her heart seemed to have been struck mercilessly by something, making her felt an extreme pain.

    "Ye Wu Chen, you dared to save her!" The girl's expression changed greatly. With a cold ray of light in her eyes, she continued, "Alright! Since you want to die this badly, I will grant it!"

    What position was left for the young master if he didn't mind blocking her attack with his body to protect a girl that barged into others' relationship? She must deliver him to the young master even if she had to severely injure him this time!

    Mu Ru Yue looked dazedly at the man before her.

    His crimson blood seemed to have stained her eyes red...

    Her heart had never ached this badly.

    If... if she had sufficient power, perhaps Wu Chen wouldn't be hurt... It was a pity that she was still too useless in the end.

    It wasn't due to time but herself...

    The girl narrowed her eyes. With a brandish of her sword, she shot a sword aura toward Ye Wu Chen. Mu Ru Yue finally came back to her senses...

    "Wu Chen, please help me to gain some time!"

    Ye Wu Chen's expression changed slightly, but he didn't say anything and nodded. He didn't have the time to care about the pain of his shoulder as he picked his sword up...

    Mu Ru Yue gradually became serious.

    There was only one way that she could defeat these people. It was her boundless mental power! She was still unsure of how much mental power she possesses up to this day.

    It was a shame that time was required in releasing her mental power so she made Ye Wu Chen to gain her some time. Yet, with Wu Chen's current power, it should be insufficient to stall them by himself...

    "I know that you helped me out previously." Mu Ru Yue caressed her lower abdomen. With a ray of light that flickered in her eyes, she continued. "I will need your help once again to summon the Tao Tie."

    If it was Wu Chen with the Tao Tie, perhaps they would be able to....

    A power burst forth from her body as though it was reacting to Mu Ru Yue's words.


    It landed onto the Xiao family's secret room...

    "Who is the mother **er that interrupted my rest?!"

    An angered roar with a childish voice that gave people a peculiar feeling was heard. Following that, a strange creature with a human body and a goat appearance exited the secret room.

    "It's the Tao Tie!"

    The old ancestor's expression changed drastically. "Oh no! The Tao Tie has escaped. We are really doomed this time. We will be wiped up under the forces of the ten True realm experts and the Tao Tie."

    He already had an understanding of the opponents that they were restricted to a rule that forbade them from making their moves on people under the Mystic realm. Thus, Mu Ru Yue and the rest were able to escape this calamity.

    But the Tao Tie was different. He didn't care about rules. In his point of view, every humans were just food...

    "Old ancestor, what are we to do now?"

    "This was why I said not to let the descendants of Xiao Yun back to the family. They gave rise to so many commotions with their return."

    "We are doomed. We are dead for sure this time..."

    Despair painted the crowd's heart as they looked devastated at the fiend Tao Tie.

    At this moment, a cold voice landed into the crowd's ears. "Tao Tie, help me to gain some time..."

    The Tao Tie's body was stunned for a moment as he looked astonishingly at Mu Ru Yue. His body then shivered with fear.

    'Is...isn't this that pervert's mother?'
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