Chapter 532 – Chasing After Your Steps Part 1

    Chapter 532 -Chasing After Your Steps Part 1

    Everyone saw the ferocious grandeur of the Tao Tie vanished at this instant as it looked with terror toward Mu Ru Yue's tummy. It was as though there was a carnivorous beast in it.

    The Xiao family's members were stunned.

    They were somewhat astonished as they looked at the shivering Tao Tie's body. They then remembered about what Mu Ru Yue had said and weren't able to get their head around this situation in this instant.

    Tao Tie, on the other hand, didn't care about what these humans were thinking. With a roar, he charged toward the few True realm experts. Simultaneously, Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze as traces of breeze started to circle around her surroundings.

    Everyone was clueless as to what she was planning.

    Yet, the originally weak breeze in the girl's surrounding intensified as it gradually encircled the surrounding of her body, giving off great strengths...

    "Yu Er." Xiao Tian Yu gripped tightly onto Madam Sheng Yue's hand. With a tightly knitted brows to express his worries, he asked, "What do you think Yue Er is doing?"

    Madam Sheng Yue shook her head with her eyes pinned onto Mu Ru Yue. The heavens knew how nervous she was at this moment, but she couldn't assist her in any ways...

    This sense of helplessness made her body to soften. She couldn't help but to tighten her grip onto Xiao Tian Yu's hand.

    "Mental power?" The girl sneered. With mockery in her eyes, she continued, "You plan to deal with me with your puny mental power? This is really too laughable!"

    Ye Wu Chen wasn't her match. How could she?

    The girl gradually withdrew her gaze and focused on the man before her. An unprecedented seriousness was expressed in her eyes at this moment.

    The girl was only using a secret technique to increase her powers so the disparity from hers and a True realm expert was still too large. Furthermore, everyone here were genuine True realm experts. Even Ye Wu Chen wasn't their match...

    But a tyrannical pressure came over to them at this moment, making the expression of the girl to change slightly. Astonishment was expressed in her eyes.

    She raised her head to look at the source of the pressure. It was unexpectedly from Mu Ru Yue that she just didn't place any importance upon. A layer of tempest was circling Mu Ru Yue's body. That tempest was giving her a sense of oppression.

    Moreover, the tempest was still expanding...

    "Not good!"

    The girl had a drastic change in her expression with a trace of apprehension that flickered in her eyes. She no longer bothered with Ye Wu Chen before her. She moved in a flash toward Mu Ru Yue.

    Nonetheless, how could Ye Wu Chen give her such a chance?

    A purple robe hindered her path before she could near Mu Ru Yue. An oppressing grandeur then burst forth from his noble purple robes, pressuring toward the girl.

    The girl retreated with coldness ray of light glimmering in her eyes.

    "Get out of the way!"

    She raised her head to look at the handsome man before her. Her previous water-lily like grandeur changed to a ice-cold aura that encased her body.

    Ye Wu Chen seemed to have not heard her as he continued to stand before Mu Ru Yue.

    "It seems that you really want to protect her to the end!" The girl sniggered with a full release of her aura as she continued, "A cheater like you is incompatible with our young master! Go and die!"


    The girl no longer held back her powers at this moment as her aura struck toward Ye Wu Chen like a sword. In her point of view, this man that had let her young master down wasn't anything good so he must die!

    Yet, the man didn't retreated even half a step from the start...

    His body was like an upright bamboo. With coldness surging in his eyes, he looked incredibly sinister and blood-thirsty making it impossible for people to ignore him.

    The two tyrannical aura collided in the air, instantly causing sparks of light to fly in all directions.


    Ye Wu Chen was forced to retreat a couple of steps back, a trail of blood flowing out from the corner of his lips.
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