Chapter 540 – Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 4

    Chapter 540 - Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 4

    A white ray of light flashed over and landed before Mu Ru Yue.

    The enormous figure gradually became slender under her gaze. Xiao Bai had already lost his childishness and his jade-like small face started to have some youthful features.

    His body was slender and perfect with the right proportions. His fair skin gave off a faint glow as he looked at the girl before him with smiles.

    "Mother, Xiao Bai has finally grew up." He chuckled jubilantly with his eyebrows expressing full of joy. The youth's smile was as dazzling as sunlight. It was as though a ray of light shone on Mu Ru Yue's chest, warming her heart.

    "Will you grow up each time you break through?" Mu Ru Yue's eyebrows rose as she continued, "Doesn't this mean you will be old once you break through to the Divine realm?"

    "That's incorrect." Xiao Bai pursed his lovable lips. With a trace of dissatisfaction expressed on his youthful face, he said. "Xiao Bai will only breakthrough directly from the infancy stage to the adolescent stage. Following that, he will grow up at the same rate as a human. Moreover, once he reached a threshold in cultivation, he will not age further."

    Smiles brimmed in Mu Ru Yue's eyes, but she didn't say anything. She instead shifted her gaze to Yan Jin and with a slight raise of her eyebrows, she said, "Yan Jin, it must have been hard on you during this period of time."

    Yan Jin domineeringly rose his sword-like brows. With happiness expressed on his face, he replied, "Little girl, when this senior previously chose to follow you, I will never regret my initial choice at that moment!"

    Furthermore, he had really never regretted...


    "Aunt, you must seek justice for me!"

    Inside the palace, Liu Yu wailed as she leaped into the Empress's embrace. She then said with sobs, "If aunt does not help me, I do not want to live anymore!"

    A trace of annoyance flashed past the Empress's eyes, but she still had a smile on her graceful and noble face. She then consoled, "Yu Er, what happened this time again? Why are you crying this badly? Quickly let aunt have a look. Our Yu Er is such a pretty lady, but has ruined it with tears."

    Liu Yu raised her delicate face and replied with hatred and sniffles, "Aunt, it is elder brother Shao Chen. Elder brother Shao Chen has brought back a girl to his manor. He... he even chased me out of the manor for that girl! Elder brother Shao Chen has never treated me in such a fashion before."

    "Girl?" The Empress frowned before she continued, "What kind of girl is that?"

    "It is a girl with an extremely ugly appearance. Elder brother picked her up when she was injured." Liu Yu gritted her teeth with hatred before she continued, "I don't know what magic that ugly girl did to seduce elder brother Shao Chen's heart, making elder brother Shao Chen to protect her that much. Aunt, I cannot stand it!  You must seek justice for me!"

    The Empress massaged her temples with a slight headache. She then replied with smiles, "Don't worry. Yu Er, aunt will certainly seek justice for you. Your position as the main wife of the King Chen's manor will definitely remain unchanged."

    "But that girl..."

    "If Chen Er really likes her, I can allow him to take her in as his concubine." The Empress's tone was indifferent as though she was just stating something ordinary.

    Liu Yu's body shuddered vigorously. When she thought about her most beloved elder brother Shao Chen undergoing sexual intercourse with other girls, her heart hurt unbearably.

    "Yu Er."  The Empress felt the trembles of Liu Yu's body. She then gripped onto her hand lightly and continued, "Chen Er is a royal prince so he definitely will have many wives and concubines. Every girl will surely experience such a matter. Even I, as the Empress, need to help His Majesty arrange other girls' to service him. Even though it is really painful, I, as the mother of the kingdom and the leader of the chambers of the imperial concubines, must do so."
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