Chapter 541 – Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 5

    Chapter 541 - Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 5

    Perhaps a woman wouldn't care much about this kind of matters if they didn't love the man. But once they did, they must endure heart piercing pain. This was the fate as a woman, especially imperial consorts...

    The Empress had a bitter smile as she gently patted Liu Yu's hand as she explained, "You just need to remember that no matter how many girls are to serve Chen Er in the future, they will never be able to surpass you as you are the main wife of the King Chen's manor. If anyone disobeys your order, you can punish them whenever you like. This is the privilege that you possess.

    "Yu Er, I know that you really love Chen Er to the point that you can't bear it. Furthermore, you want to chase all of his concubines away and kill those that had a relationship with him, using all kind of excuses. Yet, men always like an open hearted girl. Hence, you mustn't express your jealousy even if you are. Otherwise, you will just evoke their despise."

    Liu Yu's body shuddered slightly.

    'Is this the fate of a woman? Why can't a man just stick with a girl for his entire life? Must a man really requires to have many wives and concubines? Yet, a girl need to send their beloved man to be in bed with other girls?

    'I can't stand it!

    'No! Elder brother Shao Chen is solely mine. Nobody is allowed to stain him! If not, they will all die under my hands just like those bitches that previously seduced elder brother Shao Chen!'

    Killing intents flickered in Liu Yu's heart, but she didn't express it externally. She instead replied indifferently, "Aunt, Yu Er understands. I will certainly service elder brother Shao Chen well in the future."

    Seeing that Liu Yu had listened to her, the Empress smiled with satisfaction as she said, "Yu Er, you leave first. I will settle this matter."

    Liu Yu bit her lips before she stood up from the Empress's embrace. Her long eyelashes covered the unwillingness and haze in her eyes as she turned around and left the Ning Xin Palace Hall.


    When Mu Ru Yue walked out of the room, she stretched her body while facing the sun. Her lips curled up into a faint arc as she commented, "The air in the realmless is similarly to the continent's. I should head out to investigate this place..."

    Perhaps it was due to Yi Shao Chen's previous order that Mu Ru Yue was able to leave the King Chen's manor quickly without any hindrance.

    Yet, she quickly discovered something different...

    In the continent, they used gold, silver tael and banknotes as their currencies that was identical to the ancient Hua Xia. On the other hand, the realmless used gold and silver coins that was similar to the currency used in ancient Egypt...

    Thus, Mu Ru Yue became a penniless person.

    "This seems to be the second time for me to be in a money crisis since I've transmigrated." Mu Ru Yue chuckled bitterly before she continued, "It doesn't matter where you are that without money, it will be a pain. It seems that I should find ways to earn money..."

    A large figure, however, blocked her path when she was in deep thoughts...

    Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she raised her gaze slowly, landing on a man's crude appearance. She then asked casually, "You have business with me?"

    The man chuckled with his perverted gaze seeming to be able to see through her clothings. He replied, "Even though you have a scar on your face, you are still a beauty, especially your figure. Tsk Tsk... Little beauty, how about playing with elder brother? Elder brother will definitely make you really comfortable!"

    'Who called this beauty to offend Liu Yu? The eldest mistress of the Liu family used five hundred silver coins as a reward for me to rape this girl.'

    'This time not only can I earn money, I can enjoy it greatly.

    'If this girl with such a figure becomes mine, it will certainly be much more satisfying than those girls in the brothels! It has been ages since I can enjoy such a delicacy.'
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