Chapter 562 – Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 1

    Chapter 562 -Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 1

    The light in Xiao Bai's eyes dimmed slightly with killing intents bursting forth from his body. He was like a unsheathed sharp blade. His usual youthful and adorable demeanour had vanished.

    "Xiao Bai!" Xiao Yue's graceful face changed drastically as she hastily gripped onto Xiao Bai's hand and continued, "Xiao Bai, leave him to me."


    Xiao Bai nodded and withdrew his killing intents as he looked at Xiao Yue.

    Xiao Yue then shifted her gaze to look at the man before her with her sneer intensifying. Her gaze was as though she was looking at an unimportant person. There wasn't a single trace of the love she had for him that year.

    Dongfang Jun's heart ached.

    'I had made that choice that year for our future. Why Xiao Yue just doesn't understand my pain? We will have sufficient power to decide our own matters once I become the leader of the Dongfang family.

    'Why can't she just bear with it a little to gain more? Why must she be caught up by these small matters?'

    "Xiao Yue..."

    Dongfang Jun lifted his hand to hold Xiao Yue's hand, but she had swiped his hand away before he could even touch her.

    "Dongfang Jun, if you want to kill my, Xiao Yue's, master, you must step over my corpse. I won't let anything happen to my master as long as I live!"

    Her word was like a sword that mercilessly dug at his heart.

    Dongfang Jun just discovered that the woman before him held such an important position in his heart at this instant....

    But she was protecting another man before him!

    Dongfang Jun didn't in the slightest know that Mu Ru Yue was a girl. In his point of view, she was a man that Xiao Yue had fallen in love with to the extent that she was this protective over him.

    "Xiao Yue, I've really made a mistake. The purpose in me leaving the family this time is to search for you. Are you really unwilling to give me another chance? You can think of me that I am pleading for you to return to my side, alright?"

    Dongfang Jun lifted his head, begging with his eyes.

    Xiao Yue's heart trembled violently as she gradually close her eyes...

    How could she get over the man that she once was deeply in love with that easily? But she couldn't forget the humiliations the members of the Dongfang family had given her, including spitting at her.

    It was similarly impossible to forget how the Dongfang family that was the leader of the four large family clans tortured her until she was unable to recover her human form.

    Furthermore, her beloved man wanted to stop them, but didn't have the guts to do so at that moment.

    She believed that Dongfang Jun really loved her deeply, but how could a man that lacked in both courage and guts be worthy for her to devote the remaining of her life to him?

    Xiao Yue suddenly opened her eyes. That trace of pain in her eyes had disappeared. Coldness replaced it instead.

    "Dongfang Jun, I want to ask you a question. Are you willing to take me as your wife?"

    Dongfang Jun was clearly stunned before he replied, "You should know that only beast that have reached the True Realm will be able to allow their offsprings to inherit their partner's human bloodline. But you clearly aren't. The Dongfang family will definitely not allow the son of my wife to be a beast so..."

    "So you want me to be your concubine or lover?" Xiao Yue smiled coldly as she had already predicted this answer.

    A human and beast's union was different from the union between different species of beasts. For example, if she were to be together with Xiao Bai, their offsprings would inherit the bloodline of the stronger partner.

    But it was obviously different with the humans.

    The offspring between them would be half human and beast unless the beast had broken through to the True Realm...

    "Dongfang Jun, do you really think that it is possible for me that is highly prideful be willing to be your concubine?"
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