Chapter 563 – Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 2

    Chapter 563- Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 2

    "But won't we be able to be together in that case?" Dongfang Jun raised his head to look at the girl with a cold expression and begged, "Xiao Yue, I really can't live without you. Please return to my side. Didn't you say that you were willing to place down your pride for me that year? Why are you unwilling now? Can't you bear a little with it for me?"

    Xiao Yue burst out laughing as though she had just heard a joke.

    Xiao Bai gripped onto her hand with slight anxiousness. He hoped her heart would calm down gradually by the warmth of his hand.

    "I had indeed abandoned my pride that year to be with you. I stayed in the Dongfang family even when I was humiliated. I had never been that enraged in my entire life. Yet, I bore with it for you. But what happened in the end?

    "Dongfang Jun, I certainly will never become your concubine. I will rather mate with a random beast than be with you!"

    What Xiao Yue said was the truth. She had previously stood behind Senior Yue and Zi Huang, enjoying the reverence and respect from thousands of people.

    It was an arduous matter for her to suffer that kind of humiliations and even bore with it.

    But reality had proven that this man wasn't worthy for her to submit to humiliation.

    She would never return to the Dongfang family...

    "Xiao Yue!" Dongfang Jun's complexion turned ashen as he yelled in fury.

    That word 'mate' had pierced deeply into his heart.

    Jealousy and anger nearly set his heart on fire when he thought about the graceful and beautiful girl before him marrying to other beast.


    'I won't allow that!

    'This woman must be mine forever! I won't permit her to marry anyone other than me!'

    "Xiao Lang," Xiao Bai gripped onto Xiao Yue's hand tightly with a wide smile on his youthful face. His smile was as dazzling as sunlight. It was as though it could penetrate into people's heart. He then continued, "I will protect you just like how father Wu Chen protects mother. I won't let you suffer even in the slightest."

    Xiao Yue's heart warmed unknowingly from hearing Xiao Bai's words.

    "Quickly become stronger then. You will be able to protect me once you are powerful."

    'This little fella is still too young...'

    Xiao Yue smiled. It was as though that sunlight-like smile had dispersed the sorrow she had from meeting Dongfang Jun, making her chest feel light.

    Dongfang Jun was provoked as he watched the two of them chatted as though they were in their own world. Just as he wanted to say something, an adorable voice was heard behind him.

    "Elder brother Jun, what are you doing here?"

    Dongfang Jun's expression changed slightly and swallowed all of his words that were already in his mouth.

    Xiao Yue's brows rose as her gaze landed on the figure that was nearing them jubilantly.

    "Nangong Zi Lan of the Nangong family?"

    Xiao Yue had recognised that person's identity with just a glance.

    It was due to Nangong Zi Lan being selected as the fiancee of Dongfang Jun by the Dongfang family. But their marriage had been delayed due to some matters.

    Nangong Zi Lan was already twenty six years old, but she still looked like a youthful girl. Her skin had been well taken care of. It was soft, delicate and fair like jade. Her baby face enhanced the youthfulness of her appearance.

    More importantly, Nangong Zi Lan was the beloved daughter of the head of the Nangong family. She was romantic by nature, lively and adorable so she had a lot of suitors.

    Nonetheless, she had always been fond of Dongfang Jun that had a gentle temperament...

    Nangong Zi Lan smiled lightly, making two adorable dimples to appear. Her eyes were innocent and pure, attracting people's affection.

    Her gaze then suddenly shifted toward Xiao Yue. Her expression then changed to one that was filled with surprise. It was as though she didn't expect her to be there.
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