Chapter 566 – Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 5

    Chapter 566- Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 5

    "You don't know how it looked like that time. It was at its last breath. I thought that it would die shortly, but it said it hadn't wait for its master's arrival so it mustn't die. Following that, it had managed to continue living just by sheer will. The reason why we brought it here was due to it being stirred up during that period of time. It just kept saying that master is here and wanted to find master."

    Mu Ru Yue's heart ached with killing intents bursting forth from her body. With ice-cold black eyes, she stated, "The Dongfang family deserves to die!"

    Her heart's pain intensified when she thought about Xiao Yue's miserable state. It was especially so when that graceful and beautiful Sky Wolf had walked away from the border of death just to wait for her.

    How much resolutions must she have to do that?

    "Dongfang Jun that you had mentioned had concealed his matter with Xiao Yue so other family clans just know about Xiao Yue, but didn't know about their feeling dispute. Our Ouyang family has always been paying meticulous attention to the status of Xiao Yue so we know about this matter clearly."

    It was precisely so that he knew about Xiao Yue's pride. The Sky Wolf had always been elegant and noble in the several thousands of years it stayed within the Dongfang family. She was even willing to abandon her pride for Dongfang Jun to stay by his side even if she had to endure humiliations. Who knew that her outcome would be that terrible at the end...

    "Furthermore, you should know that Dongfang Jun just watched on as Xiao Yue was being tortured, but didn't help her. He didn't mind abandoning a woman in order to achieve the young master's status."

    Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and said, "Are you trying to fuel the flames?"

    "No," Ouyang Yun Jin shook his head and continued with a light smiles, "I'm not trying to provoke you. I'm just stating the facts."

    "Tell me about the Nangong family."

    "Nangong family?" Ouyang Yun Jin smiled and continued, "The Nangong family isn't bad. It is just that those old fellows dotes too much on Nangong Zi Lan. Since Nangong Zi Lan likes Dongfang Jun, they just let them be. But I dare to swear that after Nangong Zi Lan married Dongfang Jun, Dongfang Jun will make use of her to achieve some matters before immediately casting her aside. Tsk tsk! Another pitiful girl that is going to be ruined by that man. If you want to destroy the alliance marriage between the two families, I suggest that you go and seek for the old man of the Nangong family. He is rather wise and will consider what you say."

    Mu Ru Yue's brows raised as she said, "Young master Ouyang, I wish we can expedite the process in reaching our goal. I must definitely crush that Dongfang family beneath my feet!"

    'I must make them regret their actions!'

    "I will be anticipating it." Ouyang Yun Jin smiled.


    Mu Ru Yue didn't continue to stay and returned to the King Chen manor after obtaining the information that she wanted. However, a person came forth to report to her that someone was waiting at the hall for her once she stepped into the manor.

    Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly and was slightly curious. Who would come looking for her in Realmess?

    A breeze blew past and there was a man standing in the hall with his back facing the entrance. His back look slender and straight as the sunlight shone on his back.

    He gradually turned around when he heard footsteps outside the room.

    Her had a faint smile on his handsome face. Elegance filled demeanour could be used to describe him. But Mu Ru Yue felt a bad vibe from him instead for some reasons.


    That's right, this man's smile gave people a really pretentious feeling. It was as though he was purposely showing such a facade...

    "You are the master of Xiao Yue?" Dongfang Jun chuckled slightly.

    He had originally thought that Xiao Yue's master was a man. He didn't expect that she would be a female and such a youthful girl to boot...
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