Chapter 569 – The Ghost King’s Return Part 2

    Chapter 569 - The Ghost King's Return Part 2

    The middle aged man known as Lord Wang didn't say anything, but flames of fury burned in his eyes. Yet, the city guards had started to confiscate their medicinal plants before he could say anything.

    "General Lin, it won't be easy confiscating our King Chen's possession. You will have to give everything back to us shortly. Let's go!"

    He swept a cold gaze at the general's prideful expression before entering the city door without turning his head back...


    The general spat on the ground crudely as he yelled, "Who did they think they are? They are just dogs of King Chen. Good items should be given to our King Xuan. He is the only that is qualified to possess these precious medicinal plants. It is undeniable that King Chen is really rich though. Everyone, take a look at this. It is the Snow Lily from the Sky Mountain. This is a ten thousand years Ginseng. All of these are medicinal plants that are great supplements. If I give these medicinal plants to His Highness Xuan, he will surely promote me so that I won't need to continue guarding the city's entrance."

    The general couldn't help but be jubilant as though he could already see his bright future...


    Yi Shao Chen listened to Lord Wang's report in the King Chen manor's study room. There wasn't any change of expression from his gentle-like jade face. He just raised his head after a long time and said indifferently, "I know already. You are dismissed."

    The officer was stunned. He didn't understand why Yi Shao Chen wasn't enraged by his report. But he still turned around and left without asking anything.

    Yi Shao Chen's expression darkened abruptly after he left as he commented, "Yi Shao Xuan. It seems that he is still the same to be unable to control his temper..."

    Those medicinal plants were the Ouyang family's even though it was transported by his King Chen manor's people to the Capital. Hence, the actions by Yi Shao Chen's men was akin to provoking the Ouyang family as they were nakedly face-slapping them.

    "It is a pity. He himself is useless and the subordinates that he chose are also useless. He probably is still clueless that this action by his subordinate is pushing him to his death."

    Yi Shao Chen smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. His pretty peach blossom eyes was cold, enamating cold ray of lights.

    He stopped commenting and just turned around to leave the study room...


    The feeble sunlight with a superficial color shone through the gap of the door into the room. A girl with her eyes closed was currently sitting on the bed with crossed legs. Traces of faint energies were revolving around her body.

    Suddenly, the door was pushed open. The original feeble light had intensified, enveloping her body...

    Mu Ru Yue slowly opened her eyes and looked outwards, landing on a slender body.

    The man had his back facing the sun. He had an elegant demeanour and looked as gentle as jade. The smile on his face was really pleasant to sight. He also had a pair of captivating peach blossom eyes.

    "Yi Shao Chen?" Mu Ru Yue was stunned. With a slight frown, she asked, "Do you have matters with me?"

    Yi Shao Chen smiled lightly and replied, "The Ouyang family's medicinal plants have been confiscated."

    "By who?"

    "Yi Shao Xuan."

    'Yi Shao Xuan?'

    Mu Ru Yue stayed silent for a while before she said, "The Ouyang family should settle this by themselves as those medicinal plants confiscated were theirs. I will go and find them now."

    She no longer continued to cultivate upon saying that. She just jumped off her bed and walked outwards.

    "Little Yue!"

    A figure dashed toward Mu Ru Yue once she took a step out of the room, leaping into her embrace.

    Mo Xi blinked his innocent and pure large eyes. A faint glow could be seen from his fair and handsome face. His long eyelashes trembled lightly like a palm-leaf fan. He also had a smile as radiant and candid as sunlight on his face.a
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