Chapter 581 – Jealous Ye Wu Chen Part 3

    Chapter 581- Jealous Ye Wu Chen Part 3

    His kiss was as though to relieve his stress. He nibbled her ear before he said in an ambiguous tone, "If you continue to attract flowers and provoke grasses in the future, you don't need to leave the bed anymore."

    Mo Xi saw Mu Ru Yue was being pressed down onto the bed by that man when he entered the room. He first was stunned before his fair face turned bright red. His feeble body then dashed toward Ye Wu Chen.

    Ye Wu Chen's purple eyes narrowed slightly.


    A tyrannical power burst forth from his body, making Mo Xi to retreat a couple of steps.

    "You... you aren't allowed to bully Little Yue!" Mo Xi bit his lips before glaring furiously at the divine handsome man before him and continued, "Little Yue was so worried for you just now. How can you bully her?"

    For the innocent Mo Xi, it seemed as though the man was bullying Little Yue as the man not only pressed his body down on Little Yue's body, he bit her lips until it was red.

    Moreover, Little Yue was so thin. How could she endure his weight? What should he do if something bad happened to her?

    Mu Ru Yue couldn't help but to glare at Ye Wu Chen.

    'This fella is definitely doing this on purpose after seeing Mo Xi's appearance. He is really a vinegar jar...'

    "Mo Mo, don't worry. He isn't bullying me." Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly and continued, "The night isn't young anymore. You should go and rest."

    Mo Xi blinked his eyes. With his eyelashes trembling slightly, he asked in a suspicious tone, "Really? Little Yue, you don't need to fear him. I mentioned that I will protect you so I won't let anyone bully you. If he bullies you, you must summon me. I will rush straight to your side to protect you..."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly and said, "Am I a person that will easily let someone bully me?"

    Mo Xi pursed his lips and replied, "Then... I will leave first. If he really bullies you, you must call for me..."

    Mo Xi was still staring at that man pressing his body on Mu Ru Yue before he left.

    'He is clearly bullying Little Yue. Why Little Yue says he isn't bullying her? What is counted as bullying to her then?'

    Mu Ru Yue subconsciously thought about what he said today as she looked at the feeble figure disappearing under the moonlight, making her heart ache. Hence, she wasn't able to retract her gaze quickly...

    Suddenly, something was pushed into her body. That fullness feeling made Mu Ru Yue's body shudder.

    "Ye Wu Chen, when are you going to stop? We just didn't meet each other for two months. Can you restrain yourself a little?"

    Ye Wu Chen looked resentfully at her as he replied, "Don't forget. Two months for you is equivalent to a year for me. Moreover, you looked at him with such deep affections just now..."

    His gaze was filled with grievance. He looked like a sorrowful woman that had just been abandoned.

    "So I can only use this method to attract your gaze back to me."

    Mu Ru Yue was stupefied. She was only thinking about Mo Xi's pitiful past. When did she looked at Mo Xi with deep affections?

    It was as though he knew that Mu Ru Yue would want to explain herself to him so Ye Wu Chen just used intense motions to stop her from speaking.


    Yi Shao Chen saw the couple walking out of the room under the sunlight that shone on the Crown Prince Manor. He glanced at the staggering Mu Ru Yue before stopping his gaze on the man's divinely handsome face. A ray of light then shone past his eyes.

    This was the rumoured Ghost King? He was really worthy to be the top handsome man in the Kingdom of Ling Yun. But what was unimaginable to Yi Shao Chen was that the Ghost King was the husband that Mu Ru Yue had been searching for...

    Perhaps only such an outstanding man was compatible with her.
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