Chapter 590 – Aunt Zi Shao Part 1

    Chapter 590- Aunt Zi Shao Part 1

    Ouyang Yun Jin chuckled coldly but didn't say anything.

    He believed that his words would definitely place a seed of distrust in Nangong Zi Lan's heart. She just needed to tell this matter to the old man. With the power of the Nangong family, they could know what kind of person Dongfang Jun really was if they were to conduct a full investigation.

    It would then accomplish the goal in making the marriage alliance between those two families fall through...

    Ye Wu Chen glanced coldly at Dongfang Jun before shifting his sinister, cold gaze toward the panicking Liu Yu. He then curled up his lip to a sinister smile.

    His smile was like one that belonged to a demon god's, making people shiver in fright...

    "Mister Dongfang, please quickly help me!" Liu Yu suddenly leaped over to Dongfang Jun as she wailed and pleaded, "Mister, I am willing to service you as your maid and slave if you save me."

    Dongfang Jun frowned from disgust and mercilessly raised his leg to kick Liu Yu away.

    He had just nearly made Nangong Zi Lan doubt him in order to seek trouble with Mu Ru Yue just now. How could he continue to meddle with others matter now?

    Liu Yu bit her lips. The pain from her stomach was enough to make her body to spasm. She understood that Mister Dongfang couldn't directly help her as Nangong Zi Lan was by his side. The only people that could help her currently were those from the Ouyang family.

    'The Emperor seems to be allowing the Ghost King to ruin this banquet.

    'It seems that the only that could stop the Ghost King will be people from those two large families.'

    "Lord Ouyang."

    Liu Yu got up to her feet with great difficulty. She then bit her lips as she walked toward Ouyang Yun Jin. But a gale suddenly gave rise before she could walk to his side.


    Her body was sent flying backward.

    Ouyang Yun Jin dusted his sleeves before he said with a cold smile, "You want to seduce me with that kind of appearance? More importantly, you humiliated Lady Mu with your words. Lady Mu is our Ouyang family's honoured guest. It means declaring war to our Ouyang family for anyone that touch a single hair on her!"

    Honoured guest?

    Those words struck the crowd's heart heavily. Everyone looked dubiously at Ouyang Yun, unable to believe what they just heard.

    The girl that they thought to be without any backings and powers was a honoured guest of the Ouyang family?

    Dongfang Jun glanced curiously at Ouyang Yun Jin. He didn't expect for Mu Ru Yue to have a connection with the Ouyang family...

    More importantly, Ouyang Yun Jin was treating her as a honoured guest.

    Dongfang Jun narrowed his eyes as it seemed that he needed to re-examine this girl...


    A mournful yell out was suddenly heard.

    Liu Yu was holding onto her stomach as she rolled on the ground, staining the ground beneath her red. Her expression was contorted and her complexion was as pale as white paper.

    "What is happening?" The Emperor was startled. Even though Dongfang Jun's kick and Ouyang Yun Jin's gale were really strong, it wouldn't result to her bleeding so much.

    Why was her symptom akin to a miscarriage?

    Ouyang Yun Jing eye-indicated to Ouyang Jing who was by his side.

    Ouyang Jing nodded slightly before heading toward Liu Yu. He then squat down to feel her pulse. He then stood up after a long time and announced, "Miscarriage!"

    That word gave rise to a clamour from the crowd.

    Yi Shao Chen was also stunned. He had fabricated the incident that Liu Yu had undergone sexual intercourse with his guard due to her failing to seduce him. Hence, Liu Yu should still be a virgin.

    How could Liu Yu be pregnant then?

    Yi Shao Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and curled up his lips to a gentle smile. But when he swept a gaze at Liu Yu's flat tummy, a light flickered in his eyes. His smile intensified but it gave off a sinister cold feeling.

    The head of the Liu family, Liu Ye, didn't dare make his appearance from the start to help Liu Yu so he hid by the side. Yet, his expression changed drastically as he saw this scene and asked, "Liu Yu, what is going on?"
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