Chapter 591 – Aunt Zi Shao Part 2

    Chapter 591 - Aunt Zi Shao Part 2

    Liu Yu was pregnant!

    It must be that guard's! Liu Ye's expression turned ashen after thinking about that her daughter did previously. He wanted to just kill this damnable rebellious girl with a punch.

    "Tell me whose is it!"

    Liu Yu's heart shuddered as she gritted her teeth before she suddenly looked at Yi Shao Chen and replied, "It is the crown prince's. It is the crown prince that... that did it with me..."

    Yi Shao Chen's expression darkened slowly with an obscure smile.

    "It seems that Young Mistress Liu had dreamed about having this crown prince's child. But this prince only feels his stomach churning from thinking about the scenes in your dream."

    What he meant was that Liu Yu did an erotic dream about them.

    Everyone shot a disdain gaze toward Liu Yu at this moment.

    Liu Yu's body shuddered violently. She originally wanted to pull down the crown prince with her to make him be responsible for her. Who knew that the man that was as gentle as jade would say such harsh words.

    "Hmph!" The Emperor snorted coldly as he continued, "How can a woman that was delusional in seducing the crown prince, but implicated a guard in the end be eligible to enter the royal family? You had not only vilified the prince, you wanted to cuckold the royal family. How can I recover my royal family's purity if I do not investigate the truth of this matter?"

    Liu Yu's eyelashes trembled slightly but she could only stake all on this now.

    "Your Majesty."

    She knelt to the ground and replied with tear stained face, "Your Majesty, what I said is the truth. It is really the crown prince's child. Your Majesty, please seek justice for me."

    Seeing that this woman wanted to pour dirty water on him no matter what, Yi Shao Chen's smile slowly disappeared with a cold gaze.

    "Wu Chen, this is my first time seeing someone force a person to be the father of her child." Mu Ru Yue was smiling, but her eyes were glacial as she continued, "However, I had just manufactured a pill a couple of days to make people speak the truth. Once the person consumed the pill, the person would die from bleeding from all orifices if they said the truth. But if they lied, their skin would fester for seven days and nights, making them feel like dying!"

    Liu Yu's expression changed but her lips were still tightly sealed.

    She didn't believe that there would really be such a pill in this world...

    "Haha!" Ouyang Yun Jin laughed before he requested, "That pill of Lady Mu is really fascinating. The pills that you recently gave our Ouyang family had indeed helped us greatly. I don't know when you will give some Truth Pills to us?"


    The light in Dongfang Jun's eyes dimmed.

    'That girl is an alchemist?

    'She will definitely have an alchemist backing her even if she may not be an alchemist...

    'But that alchemist of hers will definitely be inferior to the Mundane Peak Rank Alchemist in their Dongfang family...'

    "Truth Pill?"

    Liu Yu's complexion became increasingly paler as her body shivered.

    'That person from the Ouyang family had backed her statement. Can it be real? No, I mustn't consume that pill!'

    "I will say. I will." Liu Yu cried out. With her eyes red and swollen, she confessed with hatred, "It is elder brother. It is elder brother that raped me."


    The crowd were stirred up momentarily.

    The eldest young mistress of the Liu family had not only become pregnant, her child was her elder brother Liu Lin's. This was a gargantuan news that the Liu family's siblings had...

    Liu Ye's complexion turned ashen. He originally wanted Liu Yu to say the truth to make the crown prince be responsible for her. Who knew that the child that had been miscarried was that bastard Liu Lin's! Even though that brat Liu Lin wasn't his biological son and was his passed best friend that gave Liu Lin to him for him to take care of Liu Lin, the outsiders didn't know about that.

    Nevertheless, both his son and daughter were such troublemakers to even give rise to such a matter!


    Liu Yu was pregnant!

    It must be that guard's! Liu Ye's expression turned ashen after thinking about that her daughter did previously. He wanted to just kill this damnable rebellious girl with a punch. [Miki: Just do it! It is easy and will help get rid of your burden.]

    "Tell me whose is it!"
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