Chapter 594 – Aunt Zi Shao Part 5

    Chapter 594 - Aunt Zi Shao Part 5

    "What did you say?!

    Dongfang Jun stood up abruptly inside an inn the next day. He then said glaringly, "The Dongfang family's medicinal plants had been stolen?!"

    "That is correct, young master," A subordinate had his head lowered as he continued to report respectfully, "They were stolen by a dragon and a masked woman."

    "Masked woman?" Dongfang Jin frowned before he continued, "Go and find Nangong Zi Lan. I want to head back to the family immediately to report this incident to father!"

    Those medicinal plants were exceptionally precious. The great master had specifically made him come to such a distant place to buy those. However, it was robbed by someone currently. This was equivalent to a massive loss.

    "Understood, young master!"

    The subordinate agreed respectfully before he retreated.

    He originally wanted to stay here to seek trouble with Mu Ru Yue, but he could only head back to his family.

    'Who is it that is so gutsy to dare steal their Dongfang family's medicinal plants?!'

    A sinister light flashed in Dongfang Jun's eyes. With a cold chuckle, he analyzed the situation, "Dragon and a masked woman? It seems that someone is going against our Dongfang family. Is it the Ouyang family or the Moshang family? It would be impossible for the Nangong family as that old man wouldn't do this. Moreover, their families would be undergoing a marriage alliance shortly so there wasn't a need for him to do this..."

    Hence, it could only be from those two families, using this elimination method.

    He didn't continue to dally and hurriedly packed up his belongings before leaving the Kingdom of Ling Yun. They should be able to head back in half a month's time even if the distance between the two territories was rather far apart...


    Nangong family.

    Nangong Lie was currently fishing by a river. A small figure suddenly dashed toward him from his side, leaping into his embrace.

    "Grandfather, I'm back."

    Nangong Lie turned his head toward the girl that had leapt into his embrace. He then asked with slight grievance, "Little girl, you are finally back. Did you have fun outside?"

    Nangong Zi Lan's lips trembled but she didn't reply.

    Sensing that something was off, Nangong Lie asked frowningly, "What happened?"

    "Grandfather..." Nangong Zi Lan pursed her lips and with confusion that flickered in her eyes, she explained, "It wasn't long since elder brother Jun and I entered the Kingdom of Ling Yun that I reunited with elder sister Xiao Yue. But elder sister Xiao Yue seemed to ignore him and had hatred toward him."

    Nangong Lie raised his brows before he prompted, "What happened next?"

    "Following that, the Ouyang family had invited elder brother Jun to attend a night banquet. I went along with him, but several incidents occured in that banquet. A lady known as Mu Ru Yue was the master of Xiao Yue. She told me that elder brother Jun was actually a coward as he watched on by the side when people of the Dongfang family beat Xiao Yue up severely, making her leave the Dongfang family. Yet, he was currently pestering elder sister Xiao Yue. Grandfather, do you think that elder brother Jun is that kind of person?"

    Nangong Zi Lan lowered her head and buried it against Nangong Lie's chest.

    Nangong Lie sighed slightly and carressed her head as he said, "I don't really fancy that brat Dongfang Jun as I feel that he was too sinister and fake. He looked gentle, but actually is incredibly scheming. But I just let it slide since you like him. I will investigate the credibility of what that lady said. Zi Lan, don't worry. Your grandfather won't allow anyone to hurt you."

    Nangong Zi Lan expressed a forced smile. Her delicate and adorable face looked increasingly pale under the sunlight.

    Nangong Lie's heart ached slightly as he looked at his granddaughter's current state. He then said, "Zi Lan, go and make a trip to visit your master Zi Shao. She is training at the back mountain in seclusion. Your cultivation has been improving ever since your master Zi Shao appeared four years ago. But she seems to be a person with a tale as she doesn't seem to have any pleasure other than training in seclusion daily..."

    Author's note: Everyone, can you guess who Zi Shao is? That's right, she is the aunt of Jing Er that had finally appeared...
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