Chapter 596 – Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 2

    Chapter 596- Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 2

    "Master, I didn't tell you about my circumstances and about the Sky Wolf Xiao Yue before. Xiao Yue is originally elder brother Jun's friend but she had left the Dongfang family for a period of time. I had discovered her location not long ago..."

    Nangong Zi Lan was a little nervous.

    'Why is master so greatly stirred up after hearing about Sky Wolf Xiao Yue...'

    Zi Shao suddenly covered her lips as she allowed her tears to flow through the gaps of her fingers.

    Her body trembled slightly from her excitement. Her heart had never been so relaxed...

    'It's them!

    'That divine couple must be them!

    'Jing Er and Bai Ze had been waiting bitterly for so many years. How could I not? They were my family that accepted my willfulness and helped to clean up my mess no matter what I did. But they left me for so many years after that time.

    'If it wasn't for me to leave the family to settle some matters that year, it would be impossible for me to escape that calamity. I also wouldn't be able to come up with several years of planning to rescue Jing Er to free him from his plight and regrew his amputated limbs.

    'The heavens know how badly I wanted to tear that bitch Zi Feng's corpse into tiny pieces after seeing Jing Er's terrible state.'

    She perhaps would have done that without any thoughts if they were by her side. But her heart had matured after that incident. Thus, she bore with it.

    She had bore with it for such a long duration of time...

    "ZI Lan, your master is fine." Zi Shao wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes and with a forced smile, she continued, "It is just that your master thought about some of her old friends that she couldn't control her emotions for a moment. You... can you tell me where is the Ghost King and Mu Ru Yue now?"

    Her voice shuddered when she said that, a little choked with her emotions.

    Nangong Zi Lan looked curiously at Zi Shao but she didn't think much about it and asked, "They are in the Kingdom of Ling Yun. Does master want to meet them?"


    Zi Shao nodded.

    Sky Wolf Xiao Yue was Yue Er's contracted beast. Since she acknowledged Mu Ru Yue to be her master, that woman should be who she had always wanted to find.

    She just didn't expect that Xiao Yue had always been in the Dongfang family.

    That little girl's reliance on Yue Er was really strong and was incomparably prideful. Thus, she must had suffered a lot during this period of time...


    Mu Ru Yue reclined in her man's embrace inside a quiet study room at this moment. She looked coldly at Ouyang Yun Jin before her and asked with a slight smile, "Young master Ouyang, it seems that you still owe me an explanation."

    "Cough cough!" Ouyang Yun Jin coughed drily before he explained, "I did tell you that it would be dangerous in you helping me at that time when you asked previously."

    With a slight raise of her brows, Mu Ru Yue said with a slight smile, "I've always thought that the enemies of the Ouyang family were other families. I just didn't expect that there is a civil war within it. It seemed that this matter is really dangerous. I am considering if I still want to continue cooperating with you or not."

    Ouyang Yun Jin raised his head and looked straightforwardly at the other's eyes.

    "It isn't a cooperation. It is my Ouyang family vowing loyalty and devotion to you instead!"

    It was undeniable that Ouyang Yun Jin was an intelligent person.

    If it was just a cooperation, Mu Ru Yue would definitely not risk herself to be in so much danger for him. But if the Ouyang family were to vow their loyalty and devotion to her, it would give her the full benefits.

    Since the Ouyang family vowed their loyalty and devotion to Mu Ru Yue, she would be involved in the civil war, unable to treat it as something that didn't matter to her.

    "Tell me what is going on?" Mu Ru Yue sat up properly and continued, "I have the rights to know who wants to kill me."

    Nobody could stay unconcerned after knowing that someone was after their life.

    She was the same...
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